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Post image for Mother’s Day Motorola RAZR Madness with the Cast of Dads – Brady Bunch Style!

As part of the forces driving the Cast of Dads to greatness, we are always looking for corporate sponsors who are looking to have engaging, innovative and even funny promotion of their products or services. For Mother’s Day this year, Motorola sponsored our most recent episode of the Cast of Dads (we even hosted a giveaway).


As part of our sponsorship, all of the Dads were loaned DROID RAZR and we were told that the sky was the limit for what we could do with these snazzy Android smartphones. The only requirement was that we create some sort of a video with the RAZR. So, before recording the Cast of Dads, we put our thinking caps on, lubed up our creative juices with a beer (at least I did) and came up with what we believe to be a pretty unique way to talk about both Mother’s Day and the DROID RAZR. Kudos go out to Danny at DadLabs.com for pulling all of our multimedia content together for the following Brady Bunch-style video:

Obviously, I’m a rookie when it comes to being a Brady Bunch – “no Michael, you need to look up to to the right” – guess I didn’t get the memo, oh wait, I did!

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Post image for We’re NOT Shaving with a Motorola DROID RAZR, We’re Giving One Away! – “Mother’s Day Special” – Cast of Dads Podcast

While Mother’s Day has come and gone, and yes, all of the Cast of Dads were able to plan ahead to treat the moms (and wives) of our lives to their special day, we do have a “Mother’s Day Special” after the day went by. And, this episode marks a great milestone for the Cast of Dads – we have a sponsor (Motorola and their new Android RAZR). Let me cut to the chase here – we are GIVING ONE AWAY! All that you have to do is listen to this podcast and then head on over to this episode of the Cast of Dads website to enter. We put the RAZR to the test during Mother’s Day and talked all about it, as well as other Mother’s Day festivities. Alas, we couldn’t use the RAZR for shaving but heck, that could be coming someday! A true “dad’s smartphone!”


We are also calling this a special episode because not all of the Cast of Dads were present. Max was out sailing with his son – what a cool and special occasion! But we covered a lot of other really fun topics – can you say trains, home movies, graduations, getting back to nature and scuba diving? We never know what direction the podcast will go, and that’s what makes it fun!

And thanks again to Motorola for sponsoring this episode. In fact, I’m using the Wifi tethering option to write this post!

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