7 Unique Ways my Kids Use the iPhone

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The Apple iPhone is a necessity in our household, at least my kids tell me it is. It seems that the iPhone is practically grafted to the hands of my children as they walk around the house. I almost think that they are going to grow another appendage for them to simply carry it and use their other two hands to do everything else. It’s often a battle to pry it out of their grasp when they go to bed or need to do their homework. And now, with the announcement of the Apple iPhone 5 out in the general …

What Web 2.0 would have looked like 10 years ago

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Microsoft has been including IE7 in all of the latest Critical Updates. It’s getting harder and harder to avoid installing. At my work, we recently had to roll back some of our users’ machines to remove IE7 so that an automated testing software could run properly on IE6. So that got me thinking (and searching) and I found this great installer that lets you install earlier versions of IE (without really messing up your system). It installed fine and seems to work pretty well (had a couple of crashes on some of the versions, but not a big deal). I …

Find your path through Wikipedia using Pathway

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Okay Mac/Wikipedia users, this one is for you. Have you ever found yourself lost navigating through the incredible amount of links and cross links within Wikipedia? It’s truly hard to use the back button to go back and forth throughout Wikipedia when your exploration is truly multi-layered. You need a breadcrumb trail and a way to link all of the different pages you discover together. This is where Pathway comes in to play. Instead of using your boring ol’ browser to go through the related and non-related links, fire up Pathway and visually track where you go, save your path, …

Our own “three wise monkeys”

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The origins of the phrase “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” may not be truly known, the phrase, on the other hand is. Wikipedia has a small write-up of the expression and its various possible origins. On a trip to Lake Tahoe last year, my wife and I took the opportunity to have our own “monkeys” give life and meaning to the phrase. Our own “three wise monkeys” was last modified: February 22nd, 2007 by Michael Sheehan