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First post under WordPress 2.2. Did some rookie moves when I did the upgrade (thought I remember what I needed to do) and forgot to push the wp-includes directory. Here are highlights of what changed (aside from the 200+ bug fixes/feature upgrades).

  • Widgets – you can get rid of your Sidebar Widgets plug-in by Automattic, Inc., it’s now included. Widgets are fun and easy. I need to see how they work with the Redoable theme I’m using though.
  • Atom 1.0 support – compliments the existing XML-RPC interface
  • Google Blogger importer – I haven’t tried this yet, but supposedly, you can import poss and comments extremely easily
  • Infinite Comment Stream – I guess this is a way to have fun with AJAX while editing your gobs of Comments…must be nice to have that many comments to be able to use this feature (grin)
  • Blog “Protection” – prevents you from breaking your blog if you post some bad code in a page or try to activate a renegade plug-in
  • Speed Optimizations – with plug-ins and filter optimizations…things should be “snappier”
  • Safari WYSIWYG support – not yet, but on a “future” version of Safari (maybe the one coming in Leopard?)

Those are the items that WordPress highlighted on their blog. You can read about some of the developer features here. So far, things look pretty good. Another solid release by WP (but I wonder if we will be hit with some security fixes shortly thereafter as we did with 2.1.3).
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