Blog: TechDadBlog updated to WordPress 2.3 with some issues

In General, Open Source, Software by Michael Sheehan2 Comments

I took the plunge and installed WordPress 2.3. For the most part, it was pretty straight forward. Do follow the standard upgrade instructions (including deactivating your plugins). I didn’t do that and left the Ultimate Tag Warrior enabled. After running the upgrade.php, I had issues still, referencing UTW. So I went to the plugin directory and deleted the plugin manually. Once deleted, I was able to view through most of my blog.

A word to the wise, if you used any tagging plugins (like UTW), take a look at the IMPORT tab under Manage. There, you can get many of your old tags into the new tag system. Doing this fixed a bunch of errors I was having on click-throughs on my tags.


I currently only have one issues (that I have found thus far) which probably has to do with the new Category/Tagging process. There is an error that says:

WordPress database error: [Table ‘weblog_td.wp_categories’ doesn’t exist] SELECT cat_ID FROM wp_categories WHERE cat_name=’Asides’

Which looks like an easy fix once I understand the new DB structure.

More later as I dig through this upgrade. If you find any other issues, drop me a note or comment.