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Site Performance Optimization: MaxCDN, Nginx, CloudFlare and WordPress Caching

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My blog has a problem. Or rather it had a problem but I’m making some big improvements to it to make it perform better. For many years, my site has suffered from slow performance. Much of that is my fault though. I tend to overload WordPress with lots of plugins. Plugins are bad, but they are in many ways, quite addictive. There are so many innovative features and functions that you can add to your blog using them that people often suffer from plugin-bloat. And having too many plugins will slow the responsiveness of your site way down. As I …

How To Back Up Your WordPress Blog The Hard and Easy Way (DIY vs. blogVault)

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If you are a blogger, probably one of the worst things that can happen to you apart from writer’s block is having your blog crash or the server that it is on get corrupted in some way. Technology is imperfect and Murphy’s Law always manages to find us one way or another. If suddenly all of your writing and your site were to disappear, how quickly would you be able to recover? Hours? Days? Weeks? Ever? Seriously, think about this for a second. Unless you are handwriting things or saving copies of each and every blog post, you probably would …

5 Reasons Why You Should Repurpose Old Content from your Blog

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I have often been asked: why the heck do you have those automated tweets of old content coming from your blog? What is the reasoning? They are outdated and might not be topical, could be viewed as out of context and, in my case, might be talking about technology, products or services that are over a year old. Think about it, you pour you heart into every article you write and you want to have the world consume and hopefully enjoy your content. So, you write it and post it and then move on to the next piece of juicy content. …

20+ Ways to Harden and Secure Your WordPress Blog

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Recently, some high-profile blogs that are running WordPress have been hacked or hijacked by malicious users (e.g., TechCrunch). The worst thing is having to try to recover from such an event, you not only have to repair your site, but also your reputation. So, spending a little bit of time trying to prevent or at least make it a bit more difficult for a hacker to take over your WordPress blog is time worth investing. I have had my fair share of my blogs (both work and personal) getting attacked (denial of service attack, hidden iFrames in my code, SQL …

WARNING: WP-Polls WordPress Poll Plugin Can Be Exploited

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Last week, I ran a giveaway which, because of a variety of reasons, I had to cancel and declare “null & void”. While I won’t go into the details, I did want to bring some actions to the forefront, especially if you are using the WordPress plugin called “WP-Polls” which is a great plugin that provides users with the ability to vote on questions and tally the results in graphs. WP-Polls is currently the most popular polling and voting plugin with the WordPress “Extend” section with over 370,000 downloads. It is great for general polling of audiences. You can embed …

Fixing Blank, Empty or White WordPress Pages after Upgrade

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Just a few hours ago, WordPress 2.8 was release to the general public (for the self-hosted version). I was notified within my admin portal and, after I did a quick database backup and downloaded all of my blog’s files, I clicked on the upgrade button. After a few seconds, WordPress told me that everything was successful. I was pretty amazed at how quickly the entire process took. Note: this is NOT unique to just WordPress 2.8 but also other releases of WordPress! NOTE: I can help you fix your WordPress (self-hosted) issues. Read the information at the end of this …

How to Move a WordPress Blog from One Domain/Host to Another

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Over that last couple of days, I have had the “pleasure” of moving a blog from one hosting provider to another (not that difficult of a task) but ALSO changing domains in the process. While I don’t think this post should the definitive set of instructions, it is a combination of information that I read and gathered, in conjunction with my own experience. I actually did this migration a couple of times, not by choice mind you. But the process of doing this multiple times aided me in coming up with the steps that follow. The steps worked for me …

I wish a WordPress Developer would make the following plugin

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I’m not a developer, more of a tinkerer, looking at people’s code and tweaking things. Never had an hour of coding schooling in my life but I can step through some stuff and get the jist of it and even mod it to my own liking (fixed a few WP theme issues and plugins). There are a couple of plugins that I liked but wished I could create a hybrid of them. I love the WP Automatic Update, but unfortunately, I have issues when activating my plugins (as of WP 2.5). I just installed Plugin Central for bulk updates of …

Anniversary: 2 years of Blogging!

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I can’t believe that I have been blogging for (only) two years. Tomorrow will be the 2 year anniversary of this incredibly information-filled post. I think that I have progressed a lot with the quality of my posts. Blogging has really become a passion for me, as I tried to quickly articulate on Blog Action Day but it goes further back than that. I really have one major goal in mind when I blog, to provide some type of information to someone that can help them in some way. In fact, my 2nd blog post was a tip on how …

Today is Blog Action Day – October 15th

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October 15th is supposedly Blog Action Day. What is that exactly? Well, from my understanding it is a day that is to highlight the power that is “blogging.” For me, I’m coming up on 2 years of blogging about Technology, Gadgetry, Software and Hardware and how it relates to my life as a father. However I note that many of my posts are truly just related to helping others work through Technology issues. Blogging for me has always been an outlet for getting what I have learned on my own, as well as through helping my family and others, out …

Blog: TechDadBlog updated to WordPress 2.3 with some issues

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I took the plunge and installed WordPress 2.3. For the most part, it was pretty straight forward. Do follow the standard upgrade instructions (including deactivating your plugins). I didn’t do that and left the Ultimate Tag Warrior enabled. After running the upgrade.php, I had issues still, referencing UTW. So I went to the plugin directory and deleted the plugin manually. Once deleted, I was able to view through most of my blog. A word to the wise, if you used any tagging plugins (like UTW), take a look at the IMPORT tab under Manage. There, you can get many of …

Blog: WordPress version 2.3 scheduled to be released Sept 24, 2007

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A fairly significant update to WordPress is slotted to be released today (09.24.07) with some interesting new features, including: Plugin Update Notification Tags! Improved Post and Draft Management Pending Review Advanced Visual Editor Buttons Pretty URLs Updated Default Blogroll Other “advanced user” stuff More details on the features/changes are below: Blog: WordPress version 2.3 scheduled to be released Sept 24, 2007 was last modified: September 27th, 2007 by Michael Sheehan