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Wordpress WSOD - White Screen of Death Help

You have reached this page most likely because you are having issues with your self-hosted WordPress Blog. Many users have encountered the Blank Site or WSOD (White Screen of Death) after a WordPress upgrade or because of something else entirely (e.g., a script hack or bad theme or plugin). I’m here to help you out.

NOTE: This is NOT my main Contact form. If you are a Vendor, Brand or PR Firm, please use this form. If you just want to send me information or ask a question, please use my “Contact Me” form.

Because I have been taken advantage of in the past for work that I have done to help people, unfortunately I do ask for an up-front, non-refundable fee of $35 before I do any work on your WordPress blog. Once I receive that fee and the information included in the form below, I will start working on your WordPress issue as soon as I can. Once I assess the issue, I will tell you what the problem is, the costs associated to correct it and then your permission to correct it.

To pay the initial fee, simply pay via PayPal (using my email: michael [at] hightechdad.com).

The form below has many of the initial questions I would ask you. If you do not feel comfortable submitting your password, you can send it to me later once I reply to the form and once I receive the initial payment. PLEASE be sure that you have a FULL BACKUP of your files and database as this is not something that I will do for you. I typically can get your WordPress blog back up and running in a matter of hours (depending on my availability and schedule). Most importantly, DON’T PANIC!

Contact Information

WordPress & FTP Information

In order for me to properly troubleshoot your WordPress problem, I will need to have both your WordPress admin login and FTP login information.

Please check off the login information you have an fill in on the forms below. NOTE: I must have both forms filled to really do a good job!

Please enter the name of your hosting provider.

WordPress Login information

Please provide the URL of the WordPress site having problems

Do you have a backup of your WordPress Files?

Do you have a backup of your WordPress Database?

FTP Login Information

Please provide the FTP server address where I can access your WordPress installation

Fixes Tried

What fixes have your tried in order to resolve your WordPress issue?

What kind of troubleshooting or steps have you tried? What has not worked? Please provide details.

What else should I know about your WordPress installation? When was the last time your upgraded? Are there any customizations I should know about?

By checking this box, you understand that an initial, non-refundable $35 fee must be paid in order for me to review the issue, and that an additional fee (depending on the complexity of the problem) will be assessed upon completion of the work.

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