Tech Support

Tech Support Help

Do you have a tech question? Are you confused about how to fix something or why a piece of hardware or software is acting strangely? I often get people asking me questions on how to fix or correct problems with their hardware, software, phone, website or other device, so I figured that I would put together a form that asks some of the basic questions I would ask anyone when troubleshooting a problem.

If you do have a tech support question, please provide all of the details you can in the form below. I will do my best to respond to you quickly, but also understand that this is NOT my life. I’m just doing this to help out.

There may be some cases where I may require a fee because of the nature of the support question. I will clearly let you know when this applies.

Lastly, any support recommendations that I make via email, on this website, over social media or in videos are exactly that – recommendations. If you choose to implement something that I recommend and it goes wrong or breaks something, you assume all responsibility for this. I can help guide you, but I cannot take the physical actions of fixing your issues.

That being said, I’m happy to try to help.