I wish a WordPress Developer would make the following plugin

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I’m not a developer, more of a tinkerer, looking at people’s code and tweaking things. Never had an hour of coding schooling in my life but I can step through some stuff and get the jist of it and even mod it to my own liking (fixed a few WP theme issues and plugins).


There are a couple of plugins that I liked but wished I could create a hybrid of them. I love the WP Automatic Update, but unfortunately, I have issues when activating my plugins (as of WP 2.5). I just installed Plugin Central for bulk updates of plugins and I used to use PlugInstaller until WP 2.5 came out.

So, I’m calling out to a developer to make the following WordPress plugin for me – “Plugin State Saver” (nice name, right?) Here are the features I would want:

  • Ability to name sets of plugin and preserve their active/deactive state
  • Ability to deactivate all active plugins
  • Ability to deactivate/activate a named set
  • Ability to export plugin sets to port to other WP instances
  • Ability to import plugin sets (note these import and exports would be of states and not necessarily the plugins themselves; but that would be great too, if you could export and zip full sets of the plugins)
  • Management feature of sets (time/date stamps, set names, import/export, click to activate/deactive sets)

Pretty simple, right? Well not for me, but I’m sure that someone could bang it out in a weekend. I wish I could! Drop me a comment if you can think of any other features to add to this (like some of the upgrading of plugins that the other ones mentioned above). Also, if you develop it, I will use it and write about it. If something like this exists, please let me know as well. THANKS!

HTD say: Some smart WP developer…help me out here!