My Paint & Your Brand Are Eroding – An Open Letter to Honda Motors


Below is a letter to Honda Motors that has been a long time in the making. Please read it and share as you see fit. Thank you for reading! -HTD

Dear Honda Motors,

I’m writing this open and public letter to hopefully get your attention…again. I will bet that you feel that you have dodged a bullet with the entire Toyota recall fiasco going on as of this writing…who knows, it could actually be helping your sales. Regardless, there is something important to learn here: issues can rapidly escalate, often beyond your control and completely tarnish your brand in the process. My recommendation is to be proactive, act with a conscience and admit that there is an issue.

Also, remember that it could just as easily have been you in the Congressional hearings.

I am writing to bring awareness to a smaller concern. While miniscule in comparison to the safety issues affecting other automobiles, it does impact your brand loyalty and consumers’ perception of your willingness (or lack thereof) to listen and act upon complaints.


The Background

A little less than a year ago, I posted an article titled “Honda Motors Defective Paint Job – Honda Accord’s Clear Coat Peeling“ for a couple of reasons:

  1. to complain about my issue
  2. to raise awareness of it
  3. to get others to report their problems as well
  4. to be sure that you, Honda Motors, see other documented cases of the same issue.

For those of you who might be reading this without the background, essentially, I believe that Honda or whomever produced the paint and clear coat for my particular model, year and color made a big mistake and used this faulty formula on many dark-colored Honda Accords around the year 1998. You have refused to admit that there are any issues, claiming that what I and other Honda owners are experiencing is standard “weathering” and wear & tear. I see plenty of other Hondas of lighter color paint with the same year as mine that do NOT show this issue. I believe that you, Honda Motors, need to step up and admit that whatever “magic formula” was used on our affected cars, it was, in fact, defective!

So why am I writing this letter? Mainly because I feel that my issue deserves a bit more public attention, recognition, and ACTION.

Honda Owners Are Joining In

Over nearly a year, my original blog post has received more and more responses, questions and comments about the issue that my 1998 Honda Accord EX is facing. And it seems to not just be limited to just my color or model, there are other Honda cars that seem to be affected as well, and it seems that a majority of them are older darker colored Honda Accords. I have been encouraging other users who are experiencing the same symptoms to document their issues and post photos of their cars on the photo-sharing site, Flickr, with the following tags: HONDACCPEEL, HONDA, ACCORD, CLEAR COAT, and PEEL.

Cases are being documented, so Honda, please listen! It’s not just me!

I believe it was one of the latest comments (currently at 150+ as of this writing) that got the fire lit in my gut again about this whole issue. The cost to repaint our cars now might actually outweigh the value of the cars themselves, especially given the condition that they are in. So where is the value in that? I paid for what I thought AND was told was a car that was known to retain its value. I was given cost estimates to repaint my car at anywhere from $2000-$4000, and several other Honda owners with the same issue have posted similar estimates. The Kelly Blue Book “Fair Condition” trade-in value for my car currently is about $3200. The thing is, I would actually rate it at a “Poor” Condition (a rating that doesn’t give me a value estimate) because of the horrendous clear coat and paint peel. Oh, and the mileage is really low (at about 60,000).

Brand Loyalty?

For me, I have always been very loyal to brands. I’m not quite sure why that is. But perhaps with age and wisdom, these loyalty ties have faded (just like the paint on my car). Even after trying to contact you (Honda) both via your Support line as well as via Twitter (which actually had a better response), there seemed to be little or no desire from you to even work towards 1) acknowledging that perhaps there was an issue or 2) offering to do something about the issue.

In fact, the conversation that I had with your Corporate offices prompted me to write and article about Customer Service (or lack thereof) called “The DO’s and DON’Ts of Customer Service in a Social Media Age“.

My letter to you, Honda, is a simple one.

Admit that there is a problem publicly and do something about.

If my simple blog post has gotten this much attention with people giving me their stories and taking the time to talk to their dealers and post pictures on Flickr, think if it reaches a much larger level, like the one currently facing Toyota. Sure, this isn’t a safety issue, but it is something that should be pretty important to your company, that of your brand and loyalty to that brand.

NOT a Safety Recall

This is NOT a request for a safety recall, it is, however, a request by consumers for a “brand recall.”

I have made a decision that I will not buy a Honda again…and I probably won’t buy a Toyota either. However, I think that Ford, for example is doing a great job revitalizing their brand and making it exciting again, and are really proving to show that they care about rebuilding awareness and consumer loyalty through a variety of innovative programs. Perhaps this is something to emulate?

This is a personal choice which could be changed, but as I continue to pump a ton money into both of my Hondas (we also have a 2001 Odyssey) as they are starting to literally fall apart, I feel less loyal to a brand that has done nothing to keep me as a customer nor keep the value I had originally placed in your cars. I have no complaint with the people at my local Honda dealership that services my autos, in fact, they were the ones who acknowledged to me that the peeling was definitely not normal.

While I do not expect a response, I would appreciate some sort of notice that you will look into all of the complaints that are growing in number. And if you can do something about it, even if now it is reactive instead of proactive, it will go a long way to un-tarnishing your brand in my mind and in the minds of many other disgruntled Honda owners.

Please listen to your customers. The relationship you have with us does not end once the car drives off the lot, it extends much longer and has a trickle-down effect. As I drive my embarrassingly peeling car down the road, it is literally an advertisement against buying a Honda. Is that what you really want in the long run? I would think not, so it is now up to you to make a difference!


Michael Sheehan

P.S. If any of you reading this letter are experiencing similar issues with your clear coat peeling off of your dark colored 199X Honda Accord, please visit the original post, leave a comment and post a picture as described on Flickr. Also, please be sure to share this letter with other Honda owners and with Honda dealers themselves. This is a job for crowd-sourcing and only through the actions of many can we have an impact.

P.P.S. Below are many of the pictures that have been loaded to Flickr with the tag “HONDACCPEEL“. As this picture set grows, more pictures will be added automatically. Please help spread the word!

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57 Responses

  1. I live in the San Antonio, Texas area. I went to a local Honda dealer today, 10 March 2010, to look at some used CR-Vs and Pilots. The 2009 red CR-V I test dorve had clear coat fogging on the hood. I looked at the hoods of half a dozen more 07 to 09s as I walked along and almost everyone had a clear coat problem on the hood, which is all I looked at. Several were getting silver dollar sized foggy areas and some had the small patches like a skin lesion. You could not feel any breaks in the clear coat but it was very obvious. I could understand this after 10 years or so but no 1 year!! This was the kiss of death for me on buying a Honda. Once you start respraying cars the resale value drops. My 1995 Toyota started getting foggy after about 12 years until it was pealing like crazy. I almost never washed it, never waxed it, and parked it under trees. My friends Toyota at about the same age was like new, because he did wash, wax, and take care of the finish. Good luck to you Honda owners. I'm off to get a Toyota tomorrow.

  2. I've worked in automobile paint for almost 40 years.

    This is what I know:
    What ever the sun does not make grow, it destroys.
    The street in front of my house has been paved 2 times in 15 years.
    The wood fence needs replacing.
    My face has skin cancer.
    Your expectations are way out of line.

  3. It is a relief to know that I am not the only one experiencing a paint defect in my 1999 Honda Accord. Has anyone had any responses from Honda about fixing the issue?

  4. Honda accord is a good company since they manufacture lot of quantity so may be some would be defective

  5. My dark green 1998 Honda Civic EX looks exactly like these pictures-clear coat started with white spots and peeling about 4 years ago and is increasingly worse. Car only has 88,000 miles . This is the 5th Honda product I have owned- I am extremely frustrated with the look of my car and am seriously considering a different product for my next car. I have noticed several Honda’s of the same color with the same problem in my area (central Virginia)-have wondered if it was a regional issue for some reason -but seems it is everywhere.

  6. I have a Honda Accord year 2001 and I have never experienced this. I mean, I have little chips or whatever, but from things that has nothing to do with Honda. I’m not really sure why this is happening to you and if it is affecting other people, I hope they fix it.

  7. I have a 2000 Honda Accord. I bought it new and it now has 55,000 miles on it. The peeling started gradually over time and it is getting worse as I sit here writting. I wrote to Honda and someone contacted me saying that my warantee is up and that they have had no other complaints. As far as the warantee being up, I say that the peeling, no matter the age of the car, is not normal !!!!!! I am at my wits end with this problem. The car looks terrible. They should have told me when I bought it that in 10 years the paint would be peeling off right down to the metal – HA – not meant to be a joke. I am almost afraid to get an estimate on a new paint job.

  8. My 2006 Honda Civic EX has clouded areas all over the roof and sides as well as black spots on the roof. The edges of the trunk, doors, roof and hood are also delaminating. The dealership keeps feeling the edges of the car and insisting that I bought it used and it was repainted. (It was new with 3 miles on it when I got behind the wheel for a test drive). No one wants to take responsiblilty for this. My car looks horrible! It is an embarassment to drive! At this point, I have almost 93,000 miles. All warranty repairs will expire in a mere 7,000 miles. I think they think Ii will shut up!

  9. Has anyone been able to get Honda to assume responsibility for clear coat/ paint issues to date??? I will Never purchase another Honda nor will I ever recommend one to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle!!! I always thought that Honda was the best… obviously I was wrong!

  10. We have also encountered this same issue ( with CC peeling ) on our 2004 Honda Accord EX V6. It is a 2004, had 31 miles at time of purchase. It was actually my mom that bought it and they got her with the whole “Environmental Paint Protection ” scam, and told her not to wax it or it would effect her paint job so she, followed their advice. She also purchased the “Paint Protection Warrenty” they offered it was a five yr thing. She got me envolved when she was unable to get phone calls returned about the prob. but now it's been six yrs and I'm afraid of what I am going to here when they finally contact us about the car. They had us take it too the Dealership to let a regional manager look at it, told us to get an estimate to them, which sounded a little hopeful, but after what I have read online I'm not going to expect much. Who knows maybe they will come through for us and if they do I will shoot another post.

  11. Paint durability data associated with the auto industry documented in the research publication:
    Why your Car Payments are lasting longer than your

    There has also been an independent review done of this publication by

    Automotive paint durability research publication documents vehicles released to dealer and consumer below automaker's minimum paint thickness specifications.

    Refer to link for details.


  12. My dark green 1997 Honda Accord began peeling 2 years ago and is now a total mess — hood, roof, trunk, doors. My daughter's white 1993 Accord with nearly double the mileage has no peeling paint whatsoever. I see dark green and black Honda Accords in the late 1990s range with peeling paint quite frequently. What can we do to get Honda to admit they used substandard paint on these cars?

  13. My 2003 Honda Accord has had a paintless hood for over a year now. I do nothing abnormal with my car, live in a normal Dallas suburb, and I would like my car to look like a normal Honda Accord!!! On a teacher’s salary, I thought a Honda Accord would be a good bet for class, affordability, and durability. Obviously not. I am going to bring my car in to get it’s ignition recall fixed (thanks, Honda, for figuring out why my car sometimes didn’t start when I needed to get to work– SEVEN YEARS LATER!!!!)

    Overall, I love my car. However, I would like my car to be a reflection of what it is. Right now, it looks as though I paid 1,500 to drag it out of a junk yard and drive it around with my gang members.

    I will post a few pictures on Flickr.

  14. Welcome to the group of which none of us are proud to be members. Thanks for the comment and please do post some pictures on Flickr. Thanks!

  15. My 98 Accord-EX has been peeling and even though it’s mechanically fine, it looks like a piece of junk and I no longer want to drive it. Seems like Honda’s tactic on dealing with this is if they ignore it long enough, we’ll go away. Well, so long…I’m gone as a long time customer.

  16. 2003 Honda Accord V-6 purchased brand new from a Honda Dealer in December of 2002. Dark green. Clear coat peeling, started in about 2007. Now, in 2010, it looks horrible. Asked Honda dealership where I purchased it (I go in for the VIP oil changes every 4 months or so) what the problem is with the paint and they tell me to take it to a good car detailer and they can probably buff it out. Detailer told me no way. It looks so bad that the trade-in value has diminished substantially. Mechanically and physically inside the car, it is in great shape. I have owned 2 previous Accords in 1985, 1993. Never had this problem before.

  17. Different batches. Different plants. Different times. Different conditions. But I think there is probably something in common.

  18. I own a 1999 Honda Accord EXL V6 That I bought brand new.I also have a similar paint problem that started about 6 years ago.On 12/13/2010 I wrote to Honda Motor Company in California inquiring whether they would be willing to assist in any way to correct this problem.Honda advised me per phone call that they could not do anything because of the age of the car and that this was the only response I would receive;for some reason they would not responsd in writing.We were goingg to buy a Odyssey van;instead we went ahead and bought a toyota Sienna.Rajendra Singh.

  19. My 2001 Honda Accord has the same problem. I am at 99,000 miles as of today and, not only do I have the paint issue, I was one of the “lucky” ones (read: sarcasm) that also has the infamous transmission issue that Honda refuses to acknowledge. I have been screaming from the rooftops that I will *never* buy another Honda and have began urging other people to consider other brands as well. Honda, wake up and stop touting yourself as the reliable brand when all you’re doing is riding on your PAST reputation. You, like Toyota, have become lazy and you will pay for it when your customers experience what we’re experiencing and vow to never buy from you again!

  20. I have same paint problem as you did and a bunch of other cars I saw on the street. I read about a class action against Mitsubishi paint job. Please all send a request to the following law firm to see if they could help. They already won Mitsubishi.

    1101 30th Street, N.W. Suite 500
    Washington, DC 20007
    Telephone: (202) 625-4342
    Facsimile: (202) 330-5593

  21. I have the exact same problem with my 1998 Honda Accord. Clear Coat Problem Has anyone got any satisfaction from Honda at all? Thay keeep telling me that The District manager hads to take a look at it but never receive calls to schedule an appt. I have 46,000 miles and it’s always been taken care of

  22. My 2004 Red Honda Accord has started peeling and has patchy spots on the roof. My car was garage kept when it was at home. Has anyone gotten anywhere with Honda?

    Tracy Escamilla

  23. My daughters 2009 Honda Civic with 30K miles has the clear coat peeling off. There are other parts of the car that look cloudy.  I thought since the car is BLACK that it just wasn’t coming clean when she washed it.  I will be calling the dealership tomorrow as we bought it brand new and it should still be under warranty.

  24. Im having the same problem with my 2000 Honda accord EX. I am the original owner and have given this car the best care ( frequent washes and waxing) since purchase. The car overall inside and out is immaculate..and very low miles (80,000). I am very disappointed to now be confronted with a second incidence of clear coat peeling. I paid for the first incidence and lost $400 thinking it was tree sap. But, now I have a second area that is going to cost $500. Very disappointed and frustrated bc I hate to see the car with this damage, but am nervous to repair it in case it continues.

  25. My 2006 Honda Civic EX is losing more clear coat every week.  I have had the car detailed and hand waxed each year since I bought it with 30 miles on it, and have parked in a carport. With only 31,000 miles on it, I had to replace the tires that were almost bald, the rear wheel bearing went out, and there are several areas on the top of the car where the coat has peeled and left white blotches on it.  I just found out that the only cure is to sand those areas and repaint the entire car; otherwise, it will only get worse.  A representative from American Honda told the dealership two weeks ago that the paint and/or clear coat is not defective, that I must have parked it under a tree or left bird droppings on it, or it just wasn’t well maintained.  They have refused to assist in the cost of repairing their defect, although when I dropped the car at the dealership, their management agreed that it is defective.  This was to be my retirement vehicle so I will continue to maintain it, but see no reason to pay extra to park it under cover or to pay to have it detailed every year.  It looks terrible and will only get worse.  I have seen photos of other cars and my peeling is in the EXACT spot theirs is.  I guess we all parked under the same tree, huh?  A friend just had her 2000 Civic repainted at Maaco.  I guess that’s in my future if I keep the car or have the guts to just drive a junker looking car around Carmel.  No more Hondas for me!  I have owned four of them in the past. Disappointment doesn’t even begin to cover it.  

  26. I have the same problem with my 1998 Honda Accord 2 dr Jade color.. I was told that the paint job only is guaranteed for 30 days… I bought my car when it had 24k miles on it and in the past 2 years it has pealed off the roof and the trunk and it is starting on the rear panel by the trunk. I just got an estimate for those areas only to be painted 950.00 … not worth it. My car is devalued despite me taking exceptionally good care of it …following the maintanence guidelines to a T…and it now has 137k miles and it still runs like it is brand new. It just looks crappy that really bothers me and embarasses me.
    I will NEVER buy another HONDA again. Neither will anyone in my family now either because I was treated terribly by the dealership when I approached them with the issue. 

  27. P.S. I had to replace the transmission too and after reading the information on the sites Honda knew about this defect….

  28. I bought an 87 Honda and then a 96 Honda; a car I’ve driving today.  About two years ago, I began to see white patches. Now, the entire back is peeling.  The hood is beginning to do the same.  I went to a dealership and they said I would have to get it repainted (at my cost).  “It’s an old car and there’s nothing we can do for you.”.  I then asked if it would be covered if it were new.  “Not sure” was the answer.



  29. Our 2003 jade green honda accord runs great- looks TERRIBLE.  Paint and undercoat are peeling/flaking off.  I asked our auto repair guy what he thought and he said to search on google to see if others are having the same issue.  SUPRISE SUPRISE – guess what I found.  I also see other Hondas on the streets of Austin, TX and see that they are suffering the same fate as our car.  What to do….MCC


  31. I too bought my first Honda in 2004. It is an Accord v6 EX with all options offered at the time except on board GPS. For several years I thought I would become a Honda loyalist but 1 year ago I noticed a small spot of discoloration on the roof. About 9 months ago the car had to have a small parking lot ding repaired at a local body shop. By this time the original spot had grown in size and the clear coat breakdown had spread to several other areas. When I picked the car up after the repair I asked the estimator for an estimate to repair the paint which would require a complete paint job. His reply, $2800. Obviously I was shocked. This car has 62000 miles on it and we had planned to keep it several more years. As it is now the trade-in or sale value is greatly diminished, and the longer we keep it the worse that situation will be. How this is handled by the dealer and Honda will determine whether I ever buy another of their products. Screw me once, shame on you,   screw me twice shame on me!

    Big Papa

  32. My 1998 Accord EX 4 door looks like poo, but who cares! I have not had a car payment in almost 9 years and the car has 295431 miles on the odometer! We did not see any medium cost problems after 200K! Half shafts(cv joints), Radiator and hoses, and of course brakes.
     I live in southern New Mexico and half the older cars around here look like mine. It does not matter the brand or model, Mercedes to VW to Saturn’s they are all peeling.  I  saw a report on TV news saying that the average American car is 10.4 years old! So my Accord is on the down side of the bell curve. 
    So I will drive our Accord until the engine blows or some major accident. I can leave the doors unlocked and it looks so bad that nobody would break into it. 
    Would I buy another? Sure, probably used 4 or 5 years old and drive it into the ground. 

  33. I think the EPA had changed the amount of some sort of chemical that can be in auto paint back in 97-98. The car makers have been trying to find the best way to paint ever since! Look around and every car maker has cars that peel. Woodwork makes a very good comparison about durability.  Listen, people are so stupid and materialistic that they have to have a new car every 3-4 years anyway. Not realizing they are taking a huge deprecation and all they are worried about is there car payment amount! They are so worried about keeping up with whoever that they in the long run look the fool.

  34. My 2001 Honda Accord paint has diminished.  Although my car is great under the hood it is lacking the look Honda has eagerly tried to achieve.  It flat out looks ghetto!  The car was sold to me by the dealer who explained the paint job is defective due to faulty paint Honda used.  I was told to reach out to Honda for assistance with getting the issue resolved but no one is willing to help.  The cost is being put back on me.  If I had realized the dealer was lying to me, I would have walked away. 
    Truth is; Honda should realize their name is branded on the rear of the car.  I would imagine they would want their reputation of “longer lasting” vehicles to continue.  I’m sure many agree when I say, I’d like the “longer lasting” to include paint.

  35. My sister’s 1998 dark green Honda Accord has the same issue.  She was told it was acid rain, but she knew better.  My 1995 light Blue Accord’s paint job looks as good as the day I bought it.  It’s too bad Honda isn’t getting the message.  Oh well, I think their newer cars are ugly anyway.

  36. I’m having the same problem with my Civic Si 2008 model. The paint on the roof is peeling off; to the point where the metal is showing, and rust will eventually be a problem. 
    If this is an issue that many are expiriencing, I believe that Honda should compensate or fix the problem. 
    Thank you for listening, and hope to receive some feedback.  

  37. I have a 1999 Honda Accord EX-V6 and it also has similar signs of the clear coat peel as many others have pointed out. It has low miles on it and it runs great! But the external look of the car is disgusting. Has there been any progress in this regard? My car has begun to peel on the hood, the trunk, on the sides (just below the window) and on the roof. So, I guess its just a matter of time before my car looks even more ****tier than it is now. Please include me in any of your future references to Honda. Your efforts are very much appreciated, HTD. Thanks. Durga
    PS: I will add pics of my car to the flicr account soon.

  38. I too have a 2004 Honda Accord Ex and the paint job has turned white around the back
    windshield. I also have to have my headliner replaced. Originally I had a 92 accord ex and
    I loved it, it was a much better car than the 2004. No road noise.

  39. Really??? So, it is out of line for a 4 year old car t have major paint issues all over the hood and roof?

  40. I bought my 2003 Accord EX new. I’ve less than 80K on it and the paint started to deteriorate
    about four years ago. After Honda took no responsibility, I spent a thousand dollars to have the paint touched up. Now that would be throwing good money after bad. I also just got stuck with a three thousand dollar transmission job. My family has owned nothing but Hondas since 1992. We won’t be buying any new Hondas.

  41. Yep, paint and transmission issues (we dumped our Odyssey after two transmission replacements – only had 100k). Oh well. Someday perhaps Honda will listen and do something.

  42. I have a 2007 Civic SI. It is our sixth Honda. after about a year i noticed that from certain angles the paint had a funny look. Being in Florida i called the dealer in brooklyn,n.y. and told them about the problem..I wasn’t able to get the car back north for several months.They painted the roof where the paint was damaged. Upon my return to Florida within a month other areas were starting to look bad.I called and was asked to photograph the car.I did and returned to N.Y. a few months later. I wash and wax the car regularly,and cover the car with a car cover.
    When I returned to the dealership i got ok’d to have the hood ,fenders,and the bumper painted. I looked the car over when i picked it up and it looked great. That night when I pulled into my driveway my motion detector light lite up. And now from that light i could see the back half of the car looked like it was going to go too. Ineeded to return to Florida and i told the dealership that i would pay for a repaint job myself later in the year. I washed and waxed the car for the summer and covered it up. Upon my return the car looks like the paint is just evaporating off the metal. Again i went to the dealership in N.Y.IN September. They don’t want to know about it.
    This is my sixth honda. we were thinking about our seventh. I have sent countless people to this dealership,over the years. No one has ever complained about the product or the service. I always wanted an SI.I keep cars for a very long time, I planned on keeping this one for a long time because i really like it. It suits me fine during my travels back and forth from Florida to N.Y. and other destinations. BUT THIS CRAP REALLY PISSES ME OFF!!
    WHAT KIND OF CRAPPY PAINT ARE HONDA USING? My 2000 CRV which was a Florida car,waxed once a year,HAS A BETTER FINISH THAN BY 2007 SI.
    I notice seceral civics,especially SI’S have damaged paint jobs.

  43. I have a black 2005 Honda Accord EX V6 and the paint started to peel off like a year and half ago, first from the trunk then on top and now from the hood…my car looks awful. First I thought somebody threw some acid on it but now that I read everyone here having the same problem I know for sure it is a defective paint job from Honda. I’m even embarrassed to drive my car. Even my passenger and rear side windows don’t work anymore the electrical system is also defective On this car. My 1996 grand Cherokee paint looks like new it has not peel or fade at all and all the windows still work. So no more Hondas for me!

  44. Hi I wish I had see this a few years ago. I have a 1998 Green Honda Accord and the same thing started to happen about 5 years ago. Moreover, my other car is a Toyota Camry also dark green but 1993 and looks great. I just contacted the local dealership and they had the audacity to tell me that the problem only began since 2006. Talk of living in denial. And not wanting to take responsibility for the inferior product that they put on the market.

  45. My 2004 Honda Accord looks like garbage compared to my 97 Honda Civic with twice the mileage. Honda needs to get their priorities in order. My 04 Accord is garaged kept and well taken care of. Honda needs to do something about this!!! I’ve been a loyal customer for years but this is starting to turn on me.

  46. don’t let them machine groom your new car, my dealer damaged a paint of my new accord by machine grooming it, it should a have been done by hand , they put some kind of coating a on it which was unnessesary

  47. 2007 Honda Odyssey owner. Color midnight pearl blue 80000 miles paint peeling very badly on upper left side of vehicle.

  48. My 1998 Honda Accord is experiencing the same paint/clear coat peal. Started more than a decade ago. I haven’t complained before because I knew Honda would do nothing about it. Same thing happened to my 1994 Buick. GM dealer blamed it on the EPA requiring GM to use an inferior primer. So I expected Honda to respond with similar excuses. I have a quote of $3,500 to repaint my Honda.

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