Maintain Movie Star Quality Stubble with the “i-Stubble” by Conair for Men

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Ever wonder how so many movie stars are able to keep a great looking face full of stubble day after day? Well, they probably have an expensive barber that follows them where ever they go. If you want to do it yourself, you need to use a groomer or beard trimmer and spend time carefully trimming your stubble down to the level that you want. There may be some products out in the market that can help you do this, but since I’m a guy that usually goes around clean shaven (except on the weekends), I don’t know of them.

A few weeks ago, I was sent an early version of a new product from Conair for Men called the i-Stubble. Supposedly, there are only 25 of the i-Stubble out in the market for reviews so I figured that I should really test it out. It isn’t expected to be released until March or April (I would say that they should have it out there in time for Father’s Day though). Unfortunately, there isn’t even a website or product page for me to link to so I needed to quickly become an expert on the i-Stubble. What better way than with first hand experience.


About a week ago, I started growing out my stubble, much to the complaints of my family and co-workers. As I mentioned, I’m usually a clean-shaven guy, but I decided that I really wanted to dive into this product all the way. After more than a week, my face was itchy, my kids and wife weren’t kissing me because my face was too scratch, and my boss kept telling people how he had found me sleeping on a bench and brought me in from the cold.


The Conair for Men i-Stubble is a device that is designed to help you maintain a pre-defined stubble length on your face, ranging from a “short shadow” look to a light beard. It is extremely easy to use, and only had 3 buttons: on/off and two to change the length setting (between 0.4mm to 5.0mm). There are actually 15 length settings that you can choose from. But what better way to learn about the i-Stubble than to see it in action as I trip my scruffy beard.

The highlight of the i-Stubble is the electronic motorized length control system which lets you precisely choose the length that you desire. The LCD display shows the setting that the trimmer is set to. Once you have set the length, the head pivots to the curvature of your face easily, allowing you to handle the different contours of chin and neck area. It also has a quick-charge system, which is nice as it is a cordless trimmer.



The MSRP is estimated at $59.99 and is expected to be out in March or April. I’m predicting that this product will do pretty well as it only takes a few minutes to trim and maintain your stubble. Being an electric shaver guy, the Conair for Men i-Stubble fits right into that ease-of-use category.

HighTechDad Rating

The i-Stubble is probably the easiest gadget that I have used to date. You push a button to turn it on, and two others to raise or lower the shaving head. I wouldn’t exactly hand this device over to my kids though, unless you want them to come back a few minutes later with a sideways-reversed mohawk. However, the product works well for what it is designed to do, keep your stubble at a certain length. The price point of about $60 is right about what I would expect for a specialized device like this. It’s easy to groom your 5:00 shadow or short beard to a length that is easily maintainable and your hairs aren’t pulled in the process. A shave can literally take just a few minutes. Overall, the Conair i-Stubble will help you get that persistent movie-star stubble and allow you to keep it that length each and every day.

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