EMIE Power Blade Review – Great Back-to-School or Work Portable Battery

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There are literally thousands upon thousands of portable batteries in the market. From ultra-high capacity to solar-powered to some with crazy designs, the choices are practically limitless. So why the heck would I be writing a review about another portable battery solution for your smartphone or tablet? Well, this one really jumped out at me because of its design. The EMIE Power Blade is different. It’s unique. And I feel it’s a great back-to-school gadget (or a nice addition to a worker’s tool chest).

EMIE Power Blade - in the package

First, in full disclosure, this is a sponsored review. But, I don’t usually agree to do sponsored articles on anything. The product or service must be compelling and interesting and not run-of-the-mill. While I may be chosen to write about something, there are times where I don’t feel that the product or service fits into what my audience is expecting. In this particular case, I did feel that the EMIE Power Blade fell into that niche of technology and parenting, and it was something that I felt warranted additional coverage.

Below is a video review of the EMIE Power Blade portable battery in case you don’t want to read the rest of this review.

It’s funny though. As soon as I mentioned the words “back to school,” I received a chorus of groans from my daughters. Yes, the school year starts only in a few weeks, despite the complaints of my girls, and parents need to start thinking about school supplies needed for a successful school year. This includes pens, paper, binders and yes, even gadgets. While many schools prohibit the use of tablets or smartphones during class time, I personally believe they are important to have while at school, provided they don’t pose a distraction. Smartphones, for example, are useful for school pickups or coordinating after-school activities. If the smartphone is dead without power, it doesn’t do much good. That is where a portable battery can literally be a life-saver.

EMIE Power Blade - eye catching material

The problem with school also is that often kids lug around backpacks full of books, binders and supplies. By the end of the day, their backs are aching. So adding another item to their overloaded bags might not be the best thing. But that is why I’m actually reviewing the EMIE Power Blade. There are several features of this portable battery that are great for students (and adults).

Great Back-to-School Features of the EMIE Power Blade

Briefly, here are the features that really stand out to me about the EMIE Power Blade, making it great for school (from elementary through college) as well as in the workplace:

  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s thin and small
  • Its design is convenient
  • It’s powerful
  • It’s useful

Yes, carrying around a battery can weigh you down. This is an important factor when shopping for a portable battery charger. And here, the EMIE Power Blade is definitely a contender in the lightweight division. Weighing in at just 300 grams, you or your child will barely notice the difference. For comparison, the iPhone 6 Plus weights 172 grams, about half as much. A can of soda weighs more, at least 368 grams.

EMIE Power Blade - light weight

Just as important as weight are the dimensions. Frequently, portable batteries come in mini “brick” sizes or other awkward shapes and sizes. The design of the EMIE Power Blade (which I talk about later) allows it to have very compelling dimensions. Let’s start with how thick it is. It’s only 5.2 mm thin. Apple’s latest iPad Air 2 is 6.1 mm thin in comparison. The EMIE Power Blade is 213 mm long and 140 mm wide. It’s tiny.

EMIE Power Blade - 8000 mAh

Ok, so why is the design important? Well, the EMIE Power Blade also has binder holes built into one of the edges. It is truly designed to be clipped into any type of binder, large or small. There are a variety of holes to allow for a variety of binder rings, like a standard A5 binder book. But it can also be potentially clipped into day planners or work portfolios. And because it is so thin, it really doesn’t add much bulk to the binder. The finish is a sturdy aluminum alloy which is nice to the touch. Also, because of the thin nature of the design, you need to pull the USB ports back slightly to widen the hole for the USB cable. This allows the design to remain thin. (See the video for more on this.)

EMIE Power Blade - in a binder

So the design is nice and tiny. But does it still pack pretty good power? I think so. It is an 8000 mAh battery which means it can charge a couple of smartphones or tablets (depending on size and capacity) a couple of times. You charge it using the included micro USB cable plugged into a laptop or other power supply which is not included (or any micro USB cable for that matter). And it has two full-sized USB output ports. These are fast charging 2.1A ports which are great for tablets and larger smartphones. There are LED lights that indicate the charge level of the battery as well.

EMIE Power Blade - super thin

If you combine all of the above factors together, you can hopefully understand why the EMIE Power Blade is so compelling and useful. It’s easy to carry around in a binder due to its light weight and small form factor, yet it packs enough power to be able to charge devices a couple of times, making it practically a necessity.

EMIE Power Blade - comes with a nice holder

I feel that the EMIE Power Blade is reasonably priced at around $80 (you can also get it on Amazon for $79.00). So if you are already doing back-to-school shopping (cue the groans from your kids) or looking for a useful gadget for work, you may want to have the EMIE Power Blade on your list.

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HTD says: I was quite impressed with the size, weight and design of the EMIE Power Blade. I have a feeling my kids will be trying to steal it from me for their school gadget power needs!

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I was quite impressed with the size, weight, and design of the EMIE Power Blade. I have a feeling my kids will be trying to steal it from me for their school gadget power needs! The design is great for school kids as it clips right into a binder. It’s light weight and very slim so practically unnoticeable. Compared to other portable batteries available, it’s a bit pricey but that is probably due to the unique design. Having multiple ports is a plus.