Naztech Power Hub4 Review: Power Bank Charging for Micro USB, Lightning, Fast Charge & USB Type-C Devices

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Review of the Naztech Power Hub4, a 4-port charging station. This power bank supports USB Type-A & Type-C, Fast Charge, Lightning, & Micro USB charging.

If you are anything like my family, you have a bunch of smartphones or tablets that are charged each and every night. In our household, all of my kids’ devices are actually charged up in our bedroom in an attempt to ensure that they aren’t on their iPhones late into the night. While I have a unique charging solution for their iPhones (which I will briefly explain a bit later), there is an area that requires three plugs for their Apple lightning chargers. But with the Naztech Power Hub4, I not only get to eliminate some of the plug requirements but also, have all of their iPhones charging in an organized manner. (*Disclosure below.)

Until we have a solution similar to a Tesla coil where power is transmitted through the air, we are confined to either plugging in our tablets or smartphones or using some sort of wireless charging solution (which requires physical contact with the charging source, at least for now). While I’m a huge fan of wireless charging solutions, those are still single-device chargers. This takes up desk space as well as wall plugs.

The Naztech Power Hub4 is a power bank. It can charge up to four devices, depending on the ports required, simultaneously. And it keeps your devices nicely organized while charging.

The Importance of Consolidated Charging

I talked to this point briefly, but thought it would expand on it slightly. Ever since my girls were little and had iPhones, my wife and I made a policy that every night, their phones has to be in our bedroom at a set time so that they could charge. We didn’t want them staring at their screens late into the night, depriving them of their precious sleep.

Now, they are teens, and we still have that rule. Of course, I have supplemented this enforcement using other products (this one  shuts down WiFi connectivity at a pre-defined hour). 

When they were younger, I actually created a charging book safe that I could use to lock down their iPhones physically while still allowing the iPhone to charge. We still use this solution.

DIY Book Charging Safe made by HighTechDad

Of course, how you manage your child’s smart devices is up to you. And I’m not YOUR parent. But, at least in our household, we do believe in doing everything possible to ensure sleep without screen time, at least for our kids. (My wife and I? Well, that’s another story altogether.)

The Naztech Power Hub4 Powers Up to Four Devices

With the introduction of the Naztech Power Hub4 into our device family, suddenly I need to rethink our charging solutions. While I do think that the “charging safe” that I mentioned previously will always have its place (I love the fact that I can actually LOCK – as punishment – their smartphones away while they are doing homework), as we burn through batteries on our iPhones throughout the day, it’s nice to be able to have all of their iPhones nicely organized as they charge.

So, let’s take a look at the Naztech Power Hub4. It has four charging ports:

  • Two USB Type-A– fine for connecting micro USB or Apple Lightning devices
  • One Adapted Fast Charge (AFC)– for those smartphones that work with AFC, quick charging from drained to 50% in about 30 minutes. You can also use as a standard Type-A charging port as well.
  • One USB Type-C– for newer devices like Samsung, MacBooks, Chromebook Pixel, and others (rumor has it, iPhones may be going in that direction in future models as well)

The three USB Type-A ports (which includes the Fast Charge port) have a 2.4A maximum output. So, in my head, my three girls have three dedicated charging ports for their iPhones. 

And with the dedicated USB Type-C port, there is a 3A output to allow for fast charging of compatible devices. I have some Bluetooth earbuds for example which have a USB Type-C charger so I can use the Type-C report for those.

Behind the scenes (within the Naztech Power Hub4) is a built-in transformer. Why is this important? Well, it eliminates the needs for using plug adapters (and using up individual plugs as well. You just plug the Power Hub4 into the wall (only using one plug), and that’s it.

The Power Hub4 does have a physical switch on the back, located next to the power indicator so that you can turn off the entire power bank if you want to.

The Naztech Power Hub4 comes with the hub itself and five acrylic dividers which are easily inserted into the base (and equally as easily removed). They are semi-transparent.

One important thing to note, you DO have to supply your own USB cables for your devices as the Power Hub4 doesn’t come with any. This way, you can mix and match the cables as you see fit. As I’m a big fan of keeping things organized (e.g., cable management), I decided to get some extremely short (4-inch) MFI-certified lightning cables.

While these cables are the perfect length for charging smartphones, you will want to get something slightly longer for tablets as 4 inches doesn’t quite reach ports on an iPad, for example.

Built-in Safety for the Power Hub4

Of course, when it comes to charging up your smartphones or tablets, you want to be sure that the power bank (or just charging cable – only buy reputable lightning cables, for example) has excellent safety features.

The Naztech Power Hub4 has a variety of safety features, including:

  • Temperature Resistance – there are temperature control functions to ensure safe charging
  • Short-Circuit Protection– if a short circuit occurs, the motherboard and battery are isolated
  • Input Over-Voltage Protection– circuit prevents surges in voltage (surges can damage devices)
  • Output Current Stabilizer– charger knows how much power a device needs
  • Battery Cell Protection– detects cell temperatures by measuring the cell current
  • Overcharge Protection– if too much power is supplied, it’s shut off

These safety features are great to have, especially since the Power Hub4 has 35 watts of charging power and 7A output.

The Naztech Power Hub4 retails for $69.99 and is available on Amazon for $69.99currently as well. I expect the price on Amazon to come down in time as this is a relatively new product.

I believe the Naztech Power Hub4 is a perfect solution for households that have multiple smartphones (or tablet) that need charging. And, when you think about it, the power bank is also ideal for offices (home or business) where multiple devices may need juicing. And, because it is essentially a USB hub, you can bring your own cables (regardless of length) to charge up to 4 devices and still only use one wall socket.

It’s always nice to free up wall plugs as well as have an organized charging solution for various smartphones and tablets. The Naztech Power Hub4 is an ideal solution for home or business.

HTD says: With the Naztech Power Hub4 you can charge up to four compatible devices simultaneously without taking up three additional plugs. It’s an organized power bank that supports USB Type-A and Type-C built-in, as well as Fast Charge-compatible devices.

HighTechDad's Ratings
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Family-Friendly
  • Price Point
  • Features


With the Naztech Power Hub4 you can charge up to four compatible devices simultaneously without taking up three additional plugs. It’s an organized power bank that supports USB Type-A and Type-C built-in, as well as Fast Charge-compatible devices. If your home or office needs a good charging solutions for smartphones and tablets with different types of connectors (e.g., USB Type-C, Lightning, micro USB, etc.), the Naztech Power Hub4 is a great gadget to have. Just pop the dividers in and plug it in to the wall. Then connect the (not supplied) cables. The power station keeps devices neatly organized. The price point is about what I expect. I do wish that a few cables were supplied but that would have increased the price.


  • Frees up 3 wall plugs
  • Compact design keeps devices & power cords organized
  • Great built-in safety features


  • Doesn’t come with cables
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