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Review of DLO Portable Speakers for iPhone

In Cellular, Gadgets, General, Hardware, iPhone, Review by Michael Sheehan9 Comments

I must admit I was excited to receive the just-announced pair of DLO Portable Speakers for iPhone, simply for one main reason. For some time, I had been looking for a good portable speaker system that could be used with iPods and iPhones, as well as other devices. I found a few that were ok on the iPod, but when it came to the iPhone, the TDMA noise frequently made listening a real pain. What is TDMA noise? Simply described, it is the patterned buzzing or beeping tones that you hear when you put your iPhone next to an unshielded …

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Review: LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini – Home Edition

In Gadgets, General, Hardware, Review by Michael Sheehan20 Comments

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about testing out another hard drive, but let me tell you, the LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini – Home Edition really changed my mind about things! First of all, this is not just another external hard drive, this is a networked hard drive which means that you plug it in to your network and it appears the way a computer would. This device is known as a NAS (Networked Attached Storage) which simply means that it is a hard disk storage device that is set up with its own network address rather than …

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Review: DLO TransDock Deluxe

In Apple, Gadgets, General, Hardware, iPhone, Review by Michael Sheehan3 Comments

I had the pleasure of testing out DLO’s TransDock Deluxe this past weekend. DLO (which, appropriately, stands for “Digital Lifestyle Outfitters”) was the second vendor from my MacWorld 2008 Tour that provided product to review, with Griffin Technology being the first. That simple fact alone earned it an extra notch on the “good rating stick.” Also included with my reviewer’s TransDock Deluxe package was an iPhone case (which I will do a brief review of later). This review is broken down into 3 sections: Packaging, Functionality & Ease-of-Use and Final Summary. This format will be used to compare this and …