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Bring the Bass, Bluetooth & Bamboo! Review of ARCHEER A320 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Review of the ARCHEER A320 portable Bluetooth speaker – it has an elegant bamboo front and back, and for such a small portable speaker, a solid bass!

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Review: Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Retrofits Old Vehicles with New Tech like Apple CarPlay

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Review of the Pioneer AVH-4100NEX which is an Android Auto and Apple CarPlay enabled dual-DIN deck to bring new technology to all vehicles.

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Drones, Beats and Radio Shack Means #GiftSmart Shopping

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Who doesn’t like when holiday gifts arrive early! And normally, you just stick those gifts under the tree or save them to open at the appropriate time, but in this case, I needed to open the package right away. The funny thing is, I knew what the gift contained and who it was from. But that didn’t matter, I couldn’t wait to play…er…let my kids play with these #GiftSmart items from Radio Shack. Underneath the appropriately red ribbon and nestled in the box were three items found at Radio Shack, specifically, the 2.4GHz RC Surveyor Drone ($59.99) and the Beats by …

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Drowning out the Noise – iHome iB50 Noise Canceling Headphones

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Someday, some creative inventor will design some noise canceling headphones that removes office conversations or screaming kids completely. Until then, we will have to survive with noise canceling headphone that simply remove droning background noise that happen in airplanes or on trains. I don’t travel much, so I wasn’t able to test this out on a plane, but I do sit in an open office environment where there is lots of noise, so when I got a pair of iHome iB50 Noise Canceling Headphones, I was pretty excited to test them out. The premise behind headphones that cancel out ambient …

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Did You Miss Us? We’ve Been Licking Lemon Ant Butts! Cast of Dads Podcast #57

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Yep, we’re baaaack! Have you ever tried to organize the lives of 5 busy dads who are dispersed across the country and time zones? The image of herding cats comes to mind. The desire to record our Cast of Dads podcast is there, the free time, however, is not. Yeah, excuses, excuses. We did manage to all get on a call about a week ago and chat through a variety of topics though, and were able to record Cast of Dads Podcast #57, “Lemon Flavored Ant Butts.” I always feel that half an hour is simply not enough time to …

Are You Ready For Some Football and the Next Episode of the Cast of Dads Podcast?

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I simply love this time of year, that of the football playoffs and the biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl! While I don’ t have that much time to really follow sports, I have spent the past 35 years in the San Francisco Bay Area and consequently am a San Francisco 49ers fan (and SF Giants as well when it’s baseball season). Also, before they moved the football season out a week or two, the Super Bowl used to fall on or around my birthday. In fact, I remember back in 1985, Super Box XIX was held in …

Reacting To and Remembering the Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary – Cast of Dads Podcast #55

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A week ago today, innocent children, students and educators were horrifically gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I don’t believe that anyone will fully understand the “why” but all of us have been struggling to comprehend it as well as be able to talk about this event with other adults as well as our children. The Sunday after this tragedy struck, the Cast of Dads got together to discuss this horrible event. Originally, this was to be our “holiday” episode, unfortunately, we only were able to talk about the joy of the holidays at the end of the show. …

And We’re Back! Thanksgiving Episode #54 of the Cast of Dads Podcast

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It seems like life got the better of us Cast of Dads. We have been on a bit of a hiatus as we get our crazy lives in order…well, who’s to say that our lives will ever be less hectic or in order for that matter. But we wanted to get together to record an episode right before Thanksgiving. So we pushed aside our busy family and work lives to be sure to get on the digital airwaves together. I must say though, it really was great to be back in action with the gang. Max and CC recently weathered …

A New Olympic Sport? The Orangutan Hang! – Cast of Dads Podcast #53

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As the summer starts to wind down, the Cast of Dads convened via the phone waves again to record another laughter-fill and educational podcast, “Orangutan Hang and the Olympics.” With just days to the start of the Summer Olympics 2012 in London, we believe we might have figured out another Olympic sport – the Orangutan Hang – but you will have to listen to the podcast to understand what it was all about. Episode #53 ran the gamut of topics, anywhere from talking about DEET, West Nile Virus and popping mosquitos, to really enjoying Olympic warmups understanding driving distractions and …

Laughter is the Best Medicine, Especially When We Recorded Cast of Dads Father’s Day Episode #52

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We all know that laughing is healthy. It’s good for both the heart and the soul. Well, in the Father’s Day (or should I say Daddy’s Day) Episode #52 (“Laugh Filled Father’s Day“) of the Cast of Dads, we definitely came out very healthy as it was one of the most laughter-filled episodes that we have ever recorded! This episode was recorded right before Father’s Day and we each talked about plans or lack there of on the day devoted to Dads. We also talked about our Mother’s Day winner giveaway of the Motorola Droid RAZR (so be sure to …

Take a Piano With You Wherever You Go With The Line6 Mobile Keys For PC, Mac & iOS

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When I was young, I played the piano. I was ok at it, did plenty of recitals and learned enough over 5 years to be able to still do some sight-reading even now. My middle daughter, who is 10 now, is quickly surpassing my skills, although for a while, I was able to sight-read some of her pieces so that I could help her. But she is much better than I am now. My daughter is sort of a fly-by piano player. Our upright piano is right in the most highly trafficked area of our house. When she walks by …

Celebrating our 50th Cast of Dads Podcast! “Draining the Snowblower”

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It’s really hard to believe that over 2 years ago, a group of dads who worked together on a project would now be celebrating their 50th podcast together! But yes, we have. Personally, I think that is a major accomplishment, especially given all of the other family and business responsibilities that tug us in each and every direction. The Cast of Dads made it though, and we are now setting our eyes on episode #100! Episode #50, “Draining the Snowblower” contains a lot of excitement, humor and fun programs that many of us are working on like CC heading to …

Understanding Cloud Security and Mobile Platforms on Digital Nibbles Podcast #6

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You really should track your digital devices, at least according to Ken Westin who is the founder of GadgetTrak. I actually agree with that. In fact, I have been using some other services (Prey Project and Find my iPhone) to do just that. It does look like what Ken’s company has come up with in their GadgetTrak service goes quite a bit beyond that. And Ken goes into the importance of preserving your gadget (smartphone and laptop) security and privacy in the latest episode of Digital Nibbles.  Appropriately taking place on Pi Day (3.14) – which, also is, coincidentally, Albert …

“Remembering the First Time” – Cast of Dads Podcast #49 – March Madness, Expos, Bicycles & Big Wheels

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Well, we cranked up the old podcaster again, this time with less time between episodes. While it may have been just me, I think we all could have used some coffee (or alcohol) to get us really into gear. But still, we always have a great time talking about just about anything that pops into our minds. Episode #49 “Remembering the First Time“ podcast of Cast of Dads is no different. We ran the gamut of topics, starting with March Madness, spinning through some conferences that some of us attended, robotics, Big Wheels, professional gamblers and what is the best …

Guest on Intel’s Digital Nibbles Podcast – Talking about Consumer Clouds

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Recently, I was invited to be a guest on a podcast (sponsored by Intel) called Digital Nibbles and the topic was Consumer Clouds. Digital Nibbles is a podcast that discusses data centers, cloud computing and other topics around big data, DevOps, mobile and IT in the enterprise. As an interesting twist to the traditional corporate subject matter, we turned to consumer clouds, what they are, what they aren’t and how many of us are using them. We also dove into the dangers of many cloud-based services from the standpoint of a parent. Digital Nibbles is co-hosted by Allyson Klein and …