Friday, May 29, 2020

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Laughter is the Best Medicine, Especially When We Recorded Cast of Dads Father’s Day Episode #52

We all know that laughing is healthy. It's good for both the heart and the soul. Well, in the Father's Day (or should I say Daddy's Day) Episode #52 ("Laugh Filled Father's Day") of the Cast of Dads, we...

Take a Piano With You Wherever You Go With The Line6 Mobile Keys For PC, Mac & iOS

When I was young, I played the piano. I was ok at it, did plenty of recitals and learned enough over 5 years to be able to still do some sight-reading even now. My middle daughter, who is 10...

Celebrating our 50th Cast of Dads Podcast! “Draining the Snowblower”

It's really hard to believe that over 2 years ago, a group of dads who worked together on a project would now be celebrating their 50th podcast together! But yes, we have. Personally, I think that is a major...

Understanding Cloud Security and Mobile Platforms on Digital Nibbles Podcast #6

You really should track your digital devices, at least according to Ken Westin who is the founder of GadgetTrak. I actually agree with that. In fact, I have been using some other services (Prey Project and Find my iPhone)...

“Remembering the First Time” – Cast of Dads Podcast #49 – March Madness, Expos, Bicycles & Big Wheels

Well, we cranked up the old podcaster again, this time with less time between episodes. While it may have been just me, I think we all could have used some coffee (or alcohol) to get us really into gear....

Guest on Intel’s Digital Nibbles Podcast – Talking about Consumer Clouds

Recently, I was invited to be a guest on a podcast (sponsored by Intel) called Digital Nibbles and the topic was Consumer Clouds. Digital Nibbles is a podcast that discusses data centers, cloud computing and other topics around big...

We’re Baaaack! And Better Than Ever! “Movies, Meatloaf & Memes” – Cast of Dads Podcast #48

So, the digital dogs ate the last podcast that we did. Really! Those cyber-gremlins got the better of us. This time, however, we leashed those dogs and we captures all 5 of us in our crazy glory in Episode...

BCS Bowl, Super Bowl, and a Deuce NOT in a Bowl – Cast of Dads Podcast #47 “Deuce in the Dryer”

We almost dropped the deuce laughing during some of DaddyBrad's stories in this episode of Cast of Dads called "Deuce in the Dryer". It seems like we hit a low about mid podcast, revived ourselves a bit and then...

Getting Scruffy for Movember – “Real Men Will Grow a Mo” – Cast of Dads Podcast #46

We are halfway through November, I mean "Movember," and I've got this itchy feeling on my face, as do a few of the other dads on Cast of Dads. Why? Because we are donating our liplines and faces to...

Getting Saucy on Cast of Dads Episode #45 “Dads CAN Cook Even When Sauced”

We had quite a few topics stewing to be discussed on Cast of Dads Episode #45 "Dads CAN Cook Even When Sauced". For starters, we had a conversation about a social media campaign that tried to use modern day...

“Mother Nature is in a Bad Mood” – Cast of Dads Episode #44

Ok, school has started for most of us and I realize that we have some homework to do. That is, the Cast of Dads do since we seem to be sputtering along trying to get back into a regular...

“ESV” Really Stands for “Entertainment System Vehicle” – 2011 Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum Edition

There seems to be some confusion about what the ESV means in the name Cadillac Escalade ESV. Some people on the Cadillac forums have said "Escalade Stretch Vehicle" or "Extended Service Vehicle." I actually think that it means "Entertainment...
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Can’t Find TP? Use a Smart Bidet & Wash Your Butt Instead! – Stay At Home Tech Tip Video

Avoid having to hoard toilet paper by installing a smart bidet in your home. This DIY project is easy & you save the environment by conserving toilet paper.
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4 Ways to Make a “Distanced” Mother’s Day Better with a Nixplay Digital Frame

Social Distancing may make Mother's Day a bit more difficult. With a Nixplay digital frame you can share memories remotely!

Video Conferencing? Check Broadband Upload Speed – Stay at Home Tech Tip

Having a fast broadband connection at home is critical during the Shelter at Home due to COVID19/coronavirus. Learn what is important now!

Changing our Thinking on how Children use Social Media During COVID-19 (Video Tech Tip)

As parents, we restrict kids' device usage. But, during COVID-19 era, we should relax this. Screens are how kids are connecting & maintaining friendships.

New Video Series: Work/Study at Home “Tech Tips” during COVID-19/Corona Virus Era

HighTechDad launches a new video series of Tech Tips for Working or Studying at home during the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) era.