“Tipsy O’Malley” – Our Drunken Irish Ghost

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We have a family ghost. His name is Tipsy O’Malley. He’s Irish and, living up to the stereotype, he’s always drunk. We discovered him as we started experiencing an unrealistically high number of “spilled liquids” in our house. He’s the guy who knocks over glasses of wine or spills coffee on your keyboard or bumps glasses of milk off the table. He also seems to be attracted to anyone who is wearing white and tries to make his mark on those types of clothes. He seems to be really good friends with my wife and follows her around alot. He …

Way behind on my posts

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Just been way to busy. Here are some highlights of things that I have done: Update my activeCollab site to the latest Release Candidate Fixed my wife’s computer (issues with RAM upgrade and Windows XP) Helped a friend get reconnected on their wireless network Helped another friend get their Powerbook on their wireless network as well as got them off of a non-secured wireless environment Installed Cerberus Helpdesk at work (moving toward production) Created the “second scariest” Halloween decorated house in the neighborhood Cleaned out our garage Moved from Internet Explorer 7 to Maxthon 2 Preview ( Watched my daughter …

Cobras are 4-0!

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Another good game for my daughter’s soccer team, the Cobras! This was one of the closer games with the talent of both sides being fairly balanced. However, the Cobras were able to pull out another victory! I actually tried to document the game. Here is one of the warm-up highlights! Cobras are 4-0! was last modified: October 2nd, 2006 by Michael Sheehan

Race for the Cure!

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My wonderful wife did a wonderful thing. About a week ago, she decided that she would do the Race for the Cure (The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation race in San Francisco). She has been working out for a long time but this time decided to do it for the good of others. Driven by various events, including a recent neighbor diagnosis, she decided to ask for sponsorship and did the 16th annual run today! She raised (as of this writing) $1,280.00 in sponsorship (above her $1000 goal)! The race went well (she actually ran in the timed, not …

Go Cobras!

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My oldest daughter, Natasha, is a member the Cobras of LMYA Soccer. They are currently 3-0 and looking really solid! I’m so proud of my little soccer player! She is showing a lot of promise and talent! Go Cobras! was last modified: September 27th, 2006 by Michael Sheehan