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Will You Pledge to Not Text and Drive? Do It Now! #ItCanWait

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For the past couple of months, I have been writing and talking about the national campaign where you pledge to not text and drive. It’s called It Can Wait (the hashtag is #ItCanWait). There is a website that you can go to  to take this pledge of not texting and driving – just head over to and you can pledge right there. Today, September 19, 2013, is “Drive 4 Pledges Day” which means that I’m asking you to take just a few minutes out of your day to pledge that you will do your best to not text and …

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Still Texting and Driving? This #ItCanWait Documentary Will Change Your Mind

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We all know that we shouldn’t text and drive, but yet even I feel sometimes compelled to glance at my phone. I don’t respond to texts unless I’m fully stopped, but even that is against the law in many places. That second that you remove your eyes from the road, you become distracted, and the vehicle you are driving is transformed into a deadly weapon. Often, however, people think and believe “oh this can’t happen to me” and choose to continue to drive and text. If you are still of that mentality, please take 30 minutes to watch this documentary …

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Texting and Driving Simulator – A Scary Game to Try! #ItCanWait

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We all know or have been told that texting and driving is dangerous. But yet, for some reason, many of us still do it. For those of you learning to drive or who are not yet of driving age, now is the time to learn why you shouldn’t text and drive. And if you are a passenger, be sure to let the driver concentrate on their driving – if they start to respond to a text, tell them “It Can Wait!” Just how distracting is texting and driving? Well, I don’t want you to go out on the road and …

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Parents Be Warned! is a Dangerous & Deadly Social Site for Teens & Tweens

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Back in 2012, I wrote about some potential dangers surrounding the Instagram and Kik Messenger combination. By now, hopefully many parents know what to look for and how to combat this social danger. Recently, I started to investigate a new social danger for kids, specifically which actually has a few documented teen suicides attributed to the service. Interestingly, it was my teenager and my wife that introduced me to My teen wanted to join and my wife said absolutely not! Before I go into this social danger, I do want to point out that I am an avid …

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It Can Wait – Texting Ends Lives – #ItCanWait Campaign (Sponsored)

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Technology is a great tool when used properly. But as it becomes ever prevalent in our day-to-day lives, it can move from being simply useful to life-ending. With all of our connected gadgets, we are in constant communication via social networking, phone calls and texting. And now this is moving into our vehicles. As we enter into the 100 most dangerous teen driving days of the year, the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we need to pay careful attention about when we use technology and how we use it. If used at the wrong time, it turns into …

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5 Reasons Why Social Media Might Actually Be Good for your Child

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WARNING: The repeated use of Social Media can be dangerous to your child’s well-being. Should we have a Surgeon General’s warning label slapped onto each and every social media site out there? What about some sort of age rating system like we have for movies, music and video games? No, of course not. The Internet is all about freedom of speech and expression and is a wealth of knowledge. But we all continue to get the message that social media is dangerous for children. Even I have written a couple of articles to that effect. But as I reflect on …

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How To Disable Java in Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer on Mac OS or Windows to Prevent 0-Day Exploit

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If you have been reading any of the Technical publications online, you will probably know that there is currently an exploit in Java that affects most internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer on systems that have Java installed. This is being called a zero-day or 0-day exploit which essentially means that there is a security vulnerability in an application that is so new (“day zero”) that the developers have not had time or the opportunity to patch or correct the security issue. If you think about a disease outbreak, this is day zero of the outbreak and …

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A New Year Means New Security & a Google Nexus 7-Inch Multi-Tablet Twitter Party Giveaway with Trend Micro – #SecureNewYear

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I am hoping that this New Year is already off to a great start for all of you, apart from my plumbing issues and a flu-ridden child, our family has been enjoying 2013 thus far. And as most of the celebrations should have died down by now, here’s one more that you might want to attend. For the past year, I and several other families across the country have been participating in a program with Trend Micro, a leading global internet content management and threat security firm, called the Digital Joneses. During this year, we completed various security challenges and …

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Reacting To and Remembering the Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary – Cast of Dads Podcast #55

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A week ago today, innocent children, students and educators were horrifically gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I don’t believe that anyone will fully understand the “why” but all of us have been struggling to comprehend it as well as be able to talk about this event with other adults as well as our children. The Sunday after this tragedy struck, the Cast of Dads got together to discuss this horrible event. Originally, this was to be our “holiday” episode, unfortunately, we only were able to talk about the joy of the holidays at the end of the show. …

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How Safe is Online Shopping? Tips to Get Ready for Cyber Monday and Beyond

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Personally, I hate shopping. I do though, like the act of giving gifts. There is something always great about spreading joy to friends and family during the holiday seasons. My wife is a bargain hunter and loves the “sport” of the deal hunt. She went missing on Black Friday only to reappear a few hours later with lots of great deals. But she was honest with me, she felt that the deals were not that great for our family. We don’t need toys…the kids are just too old (I wouldn’t mind a video game or two though). I, on the …

Silent but Effective – ESET Cybersecurity for Macintosh

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I don’t know how many different types of Anti-Virus or security software I have tested over the years. I would guess that it’s in the 20’s. There are a lot of great providers out there, some paid and some free. Those people who have computers but don’t have ANY anti-virus software are destined to a severe, brutal and ugly day of awakening, especially if they are on a Windows PC. There is so much malware, viruses, bots, zombies, trojans and malicious code out there attached to files, images, programs and even websites that it is hard to imaging NOT getting …

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Zombies, Bots and Trojans are Trick or Treating in your Computer!

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Did you know that it is basically Halloween each and every day in your computer? That digital doorbell is ringing every time you visit a website, get an email or download an application. How is your computer greeting those Zombies, Bots and Trojans? Are you giving them treats and sending them on their way? Or are they preparing to trick your computer and wreak havoc on all of your personal data? If you follow any of my recommendations on protecting your computers, your online identity and your privacy, the Halloween in your computer probably is a pretty boring affair. Those …

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Why It’s Important to Teach your Kids How to Cook and Use Social Media

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A recent post of mine which focused on an informal and potentially dangerous marriage between Instagram and Kik Messenger seems to have gotten quite a bit of attention lately. I’m always excited when I can share my ideas, opinions, insights and personal recommendations when it comes to educating kids about the evolution of social media of many legs. And what excited me even more was the response that came in from readers of all ages, kids and parents alike, each offering different takes on the idea of working with and teaching children about social media. The point of the Instagram/Kik …

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The Logitech Alert 700n Indoor Camera Gives You a Day or Night View into your Home or Business

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I’m all about wiring my home up for security and peace of mind. Whether you are on vacation or just want to check in to see if your pets are on the furniture or your kids are doing their homework, it’s simply convenient to be able to open the digital eyes of your home from wherever you are. A few years ago, I installed a series of external Logitech webcams around my house. You can read the review of that system and the install process here. With that system, I have been able to see when packages arrive, when my …

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10 Tips on How to Avoid Losing your Digital Identity

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Our society is made up of all types of information. And the amount of “stuff” that is known about us is growing as speeds never before seen. Think back 50 or 100 years. What identified a person? Their names, their ancestry, their address and their bank. Eventually phone numbers and a few other bits of personally identifiable information made it into the fold. Now look at what could possibly identify you – it’s almost unfathomable how much data is collected on is each and every second and not only that, how this data is connected to us. We have bank …