Sunday, July 12, 2020

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Storytelling in the Digital Age

Every family has a story teller. It's the person who can captivate an audience as they lead them down a path of words, memories and emotions. We do have to admit, some people are much better at doing this...

Cut the Cords to your iPhone with Altec Lansing’s BackBeat 903 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

I must say, I had been waiting for the iPhone to support A2DP for a while. When it finally rolled out, I was excited but I didn't have a set of headphones with which to test it. I just...

How to Set Up an Inexpensive Outdoor Home Theater

Everybody has some sort of a main viewing room or area of the house where there is a larger TV and comfortable seating where families and friends gather to watch movies, TV shows or play video games. The big...

IOGEAR KVM via USB: Troubles At First, Great in the End

About half a year ago, a PR firm sent me out what I thought would be a very good device to have in my tool chest. This was a device designed to facilitate connecting, viewing and sharing data and...

Fix Its: Merge Two BlackBerry Calendars into One & AT&T’s Visual Voicemail Activation for the Bold

AT&T pushed out new firmware and a desktop application update for the BlackBerry Bold this week, supposedly with a new Visual Voicemail (similar to the iPhone). But somewhere in the process of the upgrade, I found that a...

The Sony Connected Bedroom – My Kids Jump for Joy!

This is my first article from the Sony DigiDads Project that we kicked off last week. You can read more about it here. Our first mission (that I definitely decided to accept) was to do an article on a...

Open Pandora’s Box with The Livio Radio

Everyone loves Pandora right? How can you not. These are the guys giving you the Music Genome Project where they are mapping out music, one song at a time. Pandora is a fantastic way to get commercial-free music from...

The Sony DigiDad Project

No, it's not about turning a bunch of dads into Skynet, cybernetic offspring. Nor are there going to be a new line of kids DigiPets that are modeled after fathers (but that would be an interesting idea). The...

WebCam Monitoring & Streaming Via a $5 iPhone Application – iCam

If you travel frequently, have small kids, or just like to keep an eye on things, I have a great solution for you. A few weeks ago, I came across a nice iPhone app called iCam by SKJM which...

Honey, I Shrunk the Dongle – Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000

Microsoft introduced its BlueTrack Technology in 2008 claiming that its breakthrough technology would allow for users to use mice having BlueTrack on just about any surface (just not glass or reflective surfaces). I decided to put that to the...

Consumer Heads-Up Displays May Be Sooner Than You Think with the “eyePhone”

I have been thinking about the recent release of iPhone OS 3.1 Beta 3 to the iPhone development community and the fact that there is now the framework and APIs for "augmented reality" applications available for programmers. What are...

Review: “Eyes On” with the Dell Adamo 13

I was originally going to have the title of this review be "Hands On with the Dell Adamo 13" but I realized that laptops, notebooks and netbooks are really a dime a dozen these days. While the innards of...
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