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Head-to-Head: 4 iPhone 5 Battery Cases Reviewed – Mophie, Belkin, MyCharge & XPAL Power

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Smartphones these days are big battery consumers. The larger the screen and the more active you are, the more you rely on having a big, hefty battery. There are many smartphones that allow you to simply swap out a used battery with a fully-charged one. The Apple iPhone, unfortunately, is not one where you can easily change a battery on the fly (although you can replace the battery). Luckily, there are now iPhone battery cases that provide protection and some extra juice to get you through the day. This review talks about 4 iPhone 5 battery cases by MyCharge, XPAL …

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This Car Is “Hot” – Review of 2013 Mercedes CLS 63 AMG “4-Door” Coupe

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When I test drove the 2013 Mercedes CLS 63 AMG coupe (which has 4 doors by the way), the San Francisco Bay Area was going through a bit of a heat wave with temperatures hovering over 100 degrees. While the meteorologists think it was due to a pressure system hovering over the area, I had another theory – it was caused by the “hot” Mercedes CLS 63 AMG that I was driving. This is one of the most expensive vehicles that I have test driven to date and I must say that every feature and nuance of this AMG is …

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Coffee, Conversations and Commerce – The Barista Banter

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There is something to be said about coffee. Not only does it get your brain firing on all cylinders (sometimes over-firing so don’t drink too much), but it also is a conversation starters. In fact, coffee seems to grease the gears of conversation. In recent years, the coffee house has become an “office away from the office” – a casual and loud environment were friends, co-workers, partners and prospects can get together to discuss business or pleasure. Coffee shops are better than bars in many ways. For starters, alcohol does the opposite of caffeine. It can cloud your thoughts and …

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In Between Successes – The Career Pyramid

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Many years ago, I heard a career counselor talking about the time between jobs. He said never to call them “jobs” but rather “successes.” Using the word “success” to describe employment is a way to keep your outlook positive and convey that same positivity out to others. Ever since I heard that career coach, I have always used that term  – “I’m looking for my next success” or “I’m in between successes.” As luck would have it, I am currently in that period between successes now. For the past five and a half years, I have had my head in …

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Going “Topless” in the 2013 Infiniti G37 IPL Convertible

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As luck would have it, the week that I received the 2013 Infiniti G37 IPL Convertible, the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area weather took a turn for the worse. From sunny hot skies to dark, dreary, drizzly weather, I was cursed to not be able to fully go “topless” in this fun-to-drive Infiniti coupe. I was able to enjoy a few days with the top down, but even with the hard top up, the exciting driving experience of this Infiniti coupe was not completely diminished. As it stands, it’s a peppy, tight-cornering and stylish automobile that simply begs attention and …

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“It Can Wait” – A Public Service Announcement Video from HighTechDad & Daughter

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Last month, I announced my participation in the “It Can Wait” campaign designed to promote awareness at how dangerous it is to text and drive. I honestly don’t understand why people feel the need to become even more distracted as they drive. So, to highlight the dangers of texting (and driving), I decided to enlist the help of my youngest daughter to dramatize how truly distracting texting and driving is. Think of the video below as my Public Service Announcement (PSA) against texting and driving. Texting in general is distracting…even if you are JUST doing that. You lose touch with …

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It Can Wait – Texting Ends Lives – #ItCanWait Campaign (Sponsored)

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Technology is a great tool when used properly. But as it becomes ever prevalent in our day-to-day lives, it can move from being simply useful to life-ending. With all of our connected gadgets, we are in constant communication via social networking, phone calls and texting. And now this is moving into our vehicles. As we enter into the 100 most dangerous teen driving days of the year, the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we need to pay careful attention about when we use technology and how we use it. If used at the wrong time, it turns into …

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Wake Up! Mother’s Day is Almost Here!

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In case you didn’t know it already, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Heads up to daughters and sons everywhere, it’s time to think about the person who hopefully nurtured you through the developing stages of your life and has provided you with ongoing support and unwavering love. However, I think it is important to not just think about moms, but also those female figures in your life who have given you guidance, a helpful hand, companionship and protection. These could be moms or mother-in-laws or mother figures or step mothers or foster mothers or simply mentors who are …

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How To Easily Remove, Install & Replace an Apple iPhone 4S Battery (Video)

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I’m such a heavy user of my Apple iPhones that it really seems like about a year after I get one, I’m doing a how-to article on replacing the iPhone’s battery. I now have an iPhone 4S and this past weekend, I replaced the battery. Other smartphone users may scoff at the fact that Apple has made their hardware quite proprietary (e.g., a closed design). Actually, it seems to me that Apple has actually now made it much easier to replace the iPhone 4S battery, especially in comparison to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS process. This article (and video) …

Comfortable, No-Frills, Good Performing, Family SUV – 2013 GMC Acadia Review

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The 2013 GMC Acadia is an SUV turned crossover (I still think of it as an SUV) which I believe is a bit of a sleeper. Probably the most aggressive features of it is the bold front grill with the GMC logo on it. It’s strong, as if to say, get out of my way, I’m a GMC and I’m coming through here. But the rest of the vehicle is pretty nondescript. There are no super innovative design or technology features that come out and clobber you right over the head quite the way the GMC emblem grill does. It …

The Front of the Line Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood

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Hollywood is a magical place. It has a 24-hour buzz of excitement, creativity and activity. Most people never get to really understand it unless you “work in the industry.” It’s the place where actors make it (or don’t), where writing comes to life on the screen and where people flock from around the world to experience stardom. Universal Studios Hollywood has captured this excitement and magic and has bottled it up in a theme park – Universal Studios Hollywood. My family just spent an entire day there, and we were treated like movie stars, being able to cut to the …

Hitting the Bull’s Eye – Review of the 2013 Dodge Dart Rallye Compact Sports Sedan

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When I test drove the 2013 Dodge Dart Rallye, I turned a few heads. In fact, in a parking lot, I answered a bunch of questions about this new vehicle from Dodge. While compact in size, it was roomy in performance. This isn’t the first time the Dart has spun its wheels around the block. It first graced the roads between 1960 until 1976. And now, in 2013, Dodge is re-introducing the brand. 2013 presents the Dodge Dart as a compact sedan. It seats 5 comfortably, has plenty of cargo space, and has a very peppy engine. Speaking about engines, …

The Ford Fiesta Movement is Back! And Here’s My Entry! #FiestaMovement

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Piggybacking on the success of the previous Ford Fiesta Movement a few years ago, Ford is re-launching the Fiesta Movement ( to showcase the 2014 Ford Fiesta. Ford is currently looking for “the most vibrant voices and talented storytellers to be agents in the Fiesta Movement.” So, I figured that I would throw my hat into the ring! I do lots of car reviews and have participated in a few Ford programs in the past so being a Fiesta Agent makes a lot of sense to me. But as I watched some of the promotional materials about this year’s program, …

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The 10 Best (and Worst) “Cloud Computing Explained” Videos on YouTube

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Cloud Computing has been around for many, many years now. Ok, at least 5 years using the name “cloud computing.” Ever since this new way of consuming compute, networking, storage and other infrastructure resources got off the ground, no pun intended…well, sort of…people and companies have tried to explain what exactly it is. From the barrage of written definitions “officially” sanctioned by various organizations across the globe, to the mainstream media and marketing monoliths defining the cloud as anything on the Internet, the descriptions and definitions have been flung around like rice at a wedding. The important thing here is …

Passionate about Volvo? The 2013 XC60 and S60 Won’t Let You Down!

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My family seems to be quite passionate about the Volvo’s that I test drive. My wife always asks as to when we might get another one and my kids really had a great time when we went “top down” in the 2012 Volvo C70 convertible. And, a few months ago, I spent some time behind the wheels of both the 2013 Volvo XC60 T6 AWD and the 2013 Volvo S60 T5 AWD and guess what? My family was once again super excited. Can you guess which Volvo grill emblem belongs to the XC60 and which one is for the S60? …