Does the Blackberry Playbook Have Another Play Up Its Sleeve? Potentially!


I remember when the Blackberry Playbook was first announced, in fact, I was at the CES 2011 where it was revealed. Everyone was saying what an amazing piece of hardware it was but then over time, the details emerged about how closely tied it was to having a Blackberry smartphone. Also, during the 1.5 years […]

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Congrats Sony, You Have a Winner with the NEX-5 Digital Camera


At CES 2011, I was introduced to a fantastic digital camera made by Sony. It’s the NEX-5 and while it is not exactly a Digital SLR camera (I did mistakenly call it that in my video below), it is perhaps the smallest digital camera that has a detachable and interchangeable lens. I have used a […]

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A Couple Intel Innovations that Caught My Eye at CES 2011


There was a lot to see at CES 2011, so much so that next year I’m considering having an Intel processor installed in my brain just to try to analyze all of the information I consumed at the expo. Honestly, with all of the recent innovations coming from Intel recently, I wouldn’t be surprised that […]