Jumping Into January – What I’m Missing & What I’m Not and Why It’s Relevant


Who would have believed what a busy month January 2013 would be. As is customary for me, I can barely see the end of my nose, the end of the day or the end of an article. How the heck can I look through a month and plan ahead? Honestly, I wish that I had actually planned ahead a bit more as January is looking to be one of those really important months. But “focus” is a key word for me in 2013 so planning will be crucial.

I have to make choices, just like everyone else. While I wish that I could focus 100% of my work brain on HighTechDad, I actually have a day job which pays the bills, ensures my family has health care and provides me with a professional career. (Well, I could say that my writing with HighTechDad is another professional career.) But I digress.


January has several events that I truly wish that I could have attended but due to budget, work and time limitations, I will be covering, analyzing and observing these remotely. Here are the events that I feel to be particularly relevant to the tech and family world that I inhabit. If you have a chance, try to check them out.

NMX (BlogWorld)


Site: www.blogworld.com

Dates: January 6-8, 2013

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Description: NMX (New Media Expo) was formerly called only BlogWorld. It has evolved from the long established practice of blogging and now covers all types of media: podcasting, vlogging and social media. If you are creating content, this is the Expo for you where you can learn tips and tricks from experts in the field of content creation.

Why It’s Important: The past several years have proven that blogging is here to stay and new media in general is giving traditional print and broadcast media a run for their money. And new media is actually where the money is heading. It has never been easier to create your own content channel across multiple forms of media, to share your opinions and engage in relevant, topical conversations with people and communities across the world. This event will be on my radar for years to come and I hope to attend in the coming years.

CES 2013 (International Consumer Electronic Showcase)


Site: www.CESweb.org

Dates: January 8-11, 2013

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Description: CES is one of the largest if not THE largest consumer electronics shows for press and media. It is the launch pad for new product and service releases coming from companies who deliver consumer electronics.

Why It’s Important: Frequently the information, press releases and media coverage coming from CES acts as a foreshadow of mainstream technology to come. Often new devices and services are announced at this show that will eventually make it out into mainstream electronics. While some devices and services are immediately available after their announcement, others are not. CES is often the launchpad for things to come like new types of TVs, computers, handheld devices, gaming platforms and multimedia gadgets. Look to CES for new directions that the electronic (and even automotive) industry will be going. I attended CES back in 2011 and was overwhelmed by the bright and shiny, flashy electronic madness that was contained within the multiple conference halls. I will be returning in the next year or so.

MacWorld/iWorld 2013


Site: www.macworldiworld.com

Dates: January 31 – February 2, 2013

Location: San Francisco, CA

Description: Macworld is the event where Apple fans converge to learn about the companies that develop products that work with Apple products and software. Many years ago, Apple was a participant in the expo but they have since moved their product release announcements to their own hosted events like the Apple Developer Conference. However, there are still companies that launch new products here and showcase Apple-related solutions.

Why It’s Important: As many of the Apple-specific events are closed or invite only or tied directly to developers, this is the only conference that allows the general public to get a glimpse into the rich ecosystem around the Mac or iOS devices. Billed now as “the ultimate iFan event,” this expo is really more of a huge shopping experiences tied with some tech talks and other events. Unfortunately, I feel that it has lost a lot of momentum in the past years, mainly due to Apple’s lack of participation. However, those with a keen eye can find a diamond in the rough of Apple products or services. As it is in San Francisco, close to my day job, I will be attending.

Dad 2.0 Summit


Site: www.dad2summit.com

Dates: January 31 – February 2, 2013

Location: Houston, TX

Description: Dad 2.0 Summit is a relatively new show that is “an open conversation about the commercial power of dads online, as well as an opportunity to learn the tools and tactics used by influential bloggers to create high-quality content, build personal brands, and develop business ideas.”

Why It’s Important: Over the past several years, “mommy bloggers” have had their own conference (BlogHer). The “mommy blogger” community is rich, strong and powerful, but unfortunately left out a key part of the parental equation, the dad. Dad 2.0 Summit aims to empower that core father-side of the equation, delivering a platform and environment to propel “daddy bloggers” to the forefront. I was invited to participate as a speaker at Dad 2.0, but unfortunately could not attend. However, this event is on my calendar for next year.

Rounding Out January


Those 4 events alone are powerful enough to make January 2013 one of the most important months of this year. I would have loved to have attended Dad 2.0 Summit but I have several family reasons why I couldn’t attend. In speaking with Dad 2.0 Summit founder, Doug French, he actually made me feel ok about not being able to attend. The primary reason is that my youngest daughter not only has her birthday right around the event but also a play to perform in which she has a big role. Doug said to me “if you have to miss a Dad conference, the best reason is because you’re being a dad.”

Oh, and it’s my birthday towards the end of the month as well.

Lastly, I’m working on an important New Year’s Resolution. I have decided to write a book in my hugely abundant “free time.” I will keep the subject under wraps for a while until the plans become a bit more firm. But that means that for me, January will be a month of focus.

Regardless, I’m looking to grab 2013 by the reigns and gallop into this exciting new year!

HTD says: How will you make 2013 impactful?

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