How To Install a New Hard Drive & Battery into a 2010 MacBook Pro


There comes a day in the life of every laptop when it simply isn’t running as efficiently as it could be. This day came to my 2010 MacBook Pro recently when I looked to see that it only had about 18 GB of hard drive space left and the battery was only able to hold […]

ODOYO Power+Shell EX iPhone 5 Battery Case is Almost Perfect


A few weeks ago, I published a head-to-head review of four iPhone 5 battery cases (by Mophie, Belkin, MyCharge & XPAL Power). Each of these case+battery solutions had their own advantages (and disadvantages). Unfortunately, I didn’t get my hands on the ODOYO Power+Shell EX iPhone 5 battery case in time for that review, otherwise, it […]

How To Easily Remove, Install & Replace an Apple iPhone 4S Battery (Video)


I’m such a heavy user of my Apple iPhones that it really seems like about a year after I get one, I’m doing a how-to article on replacing the iPhone’s battery. I now have an iPhone 4S and this past weekend, I replaced the battery. Other smartphone users may scoff at the fact that Apple […]

Extend Your iPhone 4/4S Power with the CasePower A4 Battery Case


I burn through batteries on my iPhones faster kids go through their Halloween candy. (Well, maybe not that fast but you get the point.) Just about every iPhone that I have owned, I have had to replace the battery in it (seem my iPhone 3GS & iPhone 4 posts on how to do this). But […]

How To Easily Remove, Replace & Install an Apple iPhone 4 Battery


I have done quite a few installs and hardware replacements in my time, but never have I found an easier project than to replace the battery of an iPhone 4. As with many of my previous iPhones, I tend to blow through the batteries pretty quickly. Some of the signs that you have an aging […]

Make Your iPhone 4 Suck Power Longer with the Exolife Battery Case


My iPhone sucks! Well, it doesn’t actually suck in general, it sucks power like a sponge does water. Of course, I have practically every service running (e.g., location, push notifications, etc.) as well as 9 email accounts (a few of those with set to Push delivery), all fetching data every 15 minutes. I surf the […]

How To Install a Replacement Battery into an Apple iPhone 3GS


My iPhone 3GS has been showing signs of a dying battery for a month or so now. The symptoms included the battery depleting faster than normal, charging very quickly (because there wasn’t much to “charge”), and the iPhone simply crashing when the battery was at 75-90% FULL. It would simply crash as I was doing […]