13+ Ways to Extend your iPad’s Battery Life


I have now been the lucky owner of an iPad for a little over an week now, and each day I’m becoming yet more attached to it. But this article is not about my “love affair.” It’s more about keeping the love running as long as possible, namely getting the most out of the iPad’s […]

A “Wall Plug” To Go – HyperMac External Battery Juices up your MacBooks


Batteries don’t last long enough. While the technology is getting better, and they can pack more juice into smaller spaces, unfortunately, for most people like me, this is just still long enough. Macs are no different than PCs. Both run on batteries that use similar technology. Recently, with the MacBook Pro Unibody designs and MacBook […]

Review: Double your iPhone’s Battery with the Mophie Juice Pack Air

I am a hard-core iPhone data user. My AT&T account shows that I have downloaded 5.4 GB and uploaded 1.1 GB worth of data since I received my first iPhone. I suck through batteries like there is no tomorrow, so much so that I actually had to return my first iPhone because the battery just […]

5 “Hidden” iPhone 3.0 Firmware Tricks

I have been playing around quite a bit with my new iPhone 3GS and the apps and firmware therein. I can’t say enough positive things about the release so I wanted to write about a few items that people might not know about because they are buried away or not immediately apparent. I’m sure there […]

Tracking: PowerBook 15″ Recalled Battery Replacements Defective?

Replacement Defective?

I have been researching and starting to track an issue that has come to my attention regarding the replacement batteries that Powerbook G4 15″ users received after the Replacement Program went into effect. I have recently acquired a 2.5 year old Powerbook G4 15″ that has a replacement battery. The battery, received earlier this year […]