Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Review: Defense Vertical Duo Wireless Charging Dock – Dual Wireless, Stylish & Functional

Review of the Defense Vertical Duo wireless charging dock - a stylish, dual wireless charging dock that has a pleasant design and good functionality.

Charging Up on the Go with the Sharper Image Restore Charging Valet

The 2012 holiday shopping season is knocking at our door. As I write this, I'm also looking for the best (and easiest) turkey brine recipe. Cyber Monday is right around the corner and my wife will be gearing up...

Charge Your iPhone 4 without Cords – Powermat Wireless Charging System for iPhone 4

Yep, another power solution! I guess that when you write and review gadgets, you also have to write about things that provide power and life to those devices. I written about external batteries, how to install a new battery...

Make Your iPhone 4 Suck Power Longer with the Exolife Battery Case

My iPhone sucks! Well, it doesn't actually suck in general, it sucks power like a sponge does water. Of course, I have practically every service running (e.g., location, push notifications, etc.) as well as 9 email accounts (a few...

The Dexim BluePack S3 & S8 – A Portable Battery Pack Designed for James Bond

I've reviewed quite a few battery packs lately. It seems that this is the hot market currently just the way iPod cases were to iPods a few years ago. You can't seem to get away from them. However, there...

HyperMac Dazzles with Vibrant Colored Battery Assortment to Charge iPods, iPhones, iPads & other Devices

A few months ago, I did a review of a HyperMac battery for charging and powering MacBooks, MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros. I found it to be an extremely useful device to give you an extra hour or so...

Charge Your Gadgets Even When the Power is Out with the Scosche solBAT II Solar Charger

I spent a few hours at the MacWorld Expo 2010 and I saw a lot of innovative and cool products. But many of those devices were really only the "nice to have" kind. However, one device in particular stood...

Mini Review: Keep Your Gadgets Charged in your Car with iLuv USB Car Chargers

Since everyone nowadays seems to have a USB powered device like an iPhone or Blackberry or Droid or iPod, being away from an accessible source of power is a big pain in the butt. As many of us spend...
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How To Fix Almost Any Mac Software Problem Using these 4 Techniques

This How To article walks through 4 critical techniques to resolve almost every macOS software problem using proven tactics. Tips can be used with PC's too.
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What’s the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max’s Best New Feature? Duh, It’s the Camera! See How!

The best feature of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is the camera obviously. This article has a comparison of images from iPhone XS Max & 11 Pro Max.

A Perfect Balance of Features, Smarts, Quality & Price – VIZIO M-Series 4K/UHD TV Review

Review of the VIZIO M-Series 4K/UHD HDTV - a stellar blend of features, smart home functions, picture quality, and more, all at a reasonable price.

Little Things That Make A Difference – 2019 Toyota Sequoia 4×4 & Season of Giving

Toyota's Season of Giving includes a 2019 Toyota Sequoia loan, donations to food banks, the Toyota Panda, & several little things I liked about the Sequoia.

It’s Time to Show Off Your Google Assistant – Lenovo Smart Display 7 Review

Review of the Lenovo Smart Display 7 - a 7" touch-screen, Google Assistant-enabled device that can control various smart home devices & play media & music.