Review: Defense Vertical Duo Wireless Charging Dock – Dual Wireless, Stylish & Functional

Review of the Defense Vertical Duo wireless charging dock - a stylish, dual wireless charging dock that has a pleasant design and good functionality.

One of the best advancements in the personal technology space, in my opinion, is that of wireless charging. Being able to eliminate cords and cables that are not only an eye-sore but also quite inconvenient to have to carry around is a huge step forward. As most modern smartphones and earbuds now have the capability to charge without wires, it’s time to pack up those cables and begin outfitting your home and office with wireless charging solutions. There are many to choose from, though, so make your selection carefully. And, you now don’t have to simply settle for functionality, you can also select wireless charging docks that look nice. The Defense Vertical Duo wireless charger is a perfect example of a well thought out blend between design and function. (*Disclosure below.)

HighTechDad review - Defense Vertical Duo wireless charger - in box

Let me first say that charging with a cable can be bad for your smartphone. If you choose a cable just because it is inexpensive, you may actually be damaging the circuitry of your smartphone. So if you do continue to carry a cord, make sure you have a quality cable as well as a quality wall plug for it. 

While charging speeds may be faster with a cable, having a charging dock for your nighttime charging or while you are working is much more convenient. When you go to bed, just drop your phone into the dock. And if you have a multi-charge capable dock, like the Defense Vertical Duo, you can charge multiple devices while you sleep. And if you are at work, I find it incredibly efficient having my iPhone charging within hands-reach. I can see alerts and notifications easily. It’s a huge advantage over having your smartphone sitting on your desk, face up. In that position, the screen is hard to read, and you may have to use a stand or prop it up just to be able to read the screen. 

Defense Vertical Duo – Dual Wireless Chargers

One thing that got my attention about the Defense Vertical Duo was the fact that it has two wireless charging banks built-in. There is a cradle that allows you to charge your smartphone vertically or horizontally. This is due to the placement of the wireless charging coils within the dock itself. Horizontal charging is great for when you are streaming videos or movies, for example. And the wireless charging is compatible with most smartphone cases (provided they aren’t too thick). I had no problem charging with any of our protective cases.

HighTechDad review - Defense Vertical Duo wireless charger - in my daughters' room

With the Defense Vertical Duo, you can also lay a wireless-charging capable device flat on the stand. I have a pair of wireless charging capable AirPods. So, I can charge my iPhone and my AirPods simultaneously side-by-side. And, in the back off the Defense Vertical Duo is a USB plug which, gasp, allows you to use a cord to charge a third device. Very smart design, in my opinion.

HighTechDad review - Defense Vertical Duo wireless charger - back with additional charging port

I’m the only person in my family lucky enough to have wireless-charging capable AirPods. However, you can use the second charging area to charge a smartphone, as well. This is a Qi-capable charging solution that provides up to 10W of charging power. The Defense charger also includes a USB Type-C cable, which it uses to power the charging banks, and includes a QC 3.0 Power Supply to ensure you are getting the most out of your wireless charging. 

When the charging coil is actively charging a device, a soft light comes on to show that charging is on. This is true for both the wireless charging areas on the dock. The light is not bright, so it won’t keep you up at night if it is charging next to your bed. But knowing the charger is active is quite convenient. 

Perfect Design for my Girls

My teenaged girls (who share a room with each other) have meticulously designed the style of their bedroom. They have a white and gold theme for much of the room (I’m not very style-conscious, so I probably don’t describe it accurately). But, the thought of putting a dark-colored wireless dock into that environment would have made them cringe, I’m guessing. Sure, they would have loved to have a wireless charger since they seem to think that cables are disposable (they go missing regularly). 

HighTechDad review - Defense Vertical Duo wireless charger - close up of AirPods charging

So when I was asked which color sample I would like to get for this review, I immediately asked for the white version (it also comes in black). And the white version, it turns out, was the perfect choice as it blends perfectly into the design aesthetic of their room. 

The dock is crafted out of machined aluminum, so it is both sturdy and nice to look at. The design itself is sleek and modern. It also has touches of leather to add to the elegant design. And, the base itself is quite small, allowing for a smaller footprint. It’s wide enough, however, to have two iPhones side-by-side. 

HighTechDad review - Defense Vertical Duo wireless charger - back of box

The Defense Vertical Duo wireless charging dock is reasonably-priced at $79.99. It is also available on Amazon for $79.99 (but since it is a relatively new product, I do expect the price to drop over time.) You can get it in white (shown in the pictures here) or in black.

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There are many wireless charging docks available. So as you are looking to choose, you need to consider several things. 10W wireless charging will provide a faster charge time. Having a USB Type-C and QC 3.0 power plug gives you the fast-charge capabilities for Qi-enabled devices. But what sets the Defense Vertical Duo apart from others is the fact that you can charge two devices simultaneously (three devices if you want to use the USB plug and a cable). And you get a very elegant design with the Defense charger, not a plastic, hockey-puck that simply looks ugly. And some wireless charging docks don’t even include a plug. The Defense Vertical Duo has everything you need, and my picky teenagers love it!

HTD says: The Defense Vertical Duo wireless charging dock carefully melds design and function into a dual wireless charging solution that looks aesthetically pleasing and modern as it wirelessly charges your smartphones, earbuds, and more.

HighTechDad Ratings
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Family-Friendly
  • Price Point
  • Features


The Defense Vertical Duo wireless charging dock carefully melds design and function into a dual wireless charging solution that looks aesthetically pleasing and modern as it wirelessly charges your smartphones, earbuds, and more. This wireless charging solution is modern yet functional. You can charge two smartphones at once or charge a smartphone and some wireless charging earbuds. It’s great that this is a Qi-capable charger with a QC 3.0 plug that is included. Many (uglier) wireless chargers do not include a charging plug. 


  • Dual wireless charging ability
  • USB port for additional charging
  • Nice, elegant design


  • Angle of the vertical charger is very upright and may be hard to see
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