MacWorld 2007 Photo 1

My MacWorld 2007 – SF Predictions

So, 5 minutes before the Steve Jobs’ Keynote, here are my predictions: – iPhone (PodPhone is what I’m calling it) – Tablet Laptop – 802.11n

WordPress updated to 2.06

So, I updated my blog to 2.06…didn’t really notice anything that new or changed about it. According to, here is what has changed: We

Just installed Drupal 5 RC1

And I want to see if I can post my writing to the BlogAPI. This is just a test. Updated…didn’t seem to work. I need (Hamachi) Part 2

Since I already wrote about Hamachi, and I must say that I am really growing to like it, I figured that I should do a

Software review a day (?)

It seems like recently, probably due to the holidays, that I have not been posting regularly. So last night, I made a decision (who knows

Best Windows Screen Saver ever!

I came across this great screen saver for your Windows machines…but only install it if you are a bit of a geek, or you want