Announcing HighTechDad’s “1 Gift a Day” Week

image Wow, that title sounds really corny, doesn’t it? Well, I thought that I would do something special for my readers starting next week. A PR firm that I have worked with in the past (Sandbox Strategies) has graciously offered products from some of their clients for me to give away.

What kind of things? Well I will leave some of that to the surprise of the day, but definitely some gadgety, techy stuff! Sorry, but I’m not giving away HDTV’s or Camcorders or Netbooks. Maybe some day I will (any vendors want to donate anything?)

What’s the catch? There isn’t any really. Well, actually, you DO need to give me a little bit of Twitter love by promoting the giveaway, but that’s about it.

Gift Giveaway Details

Here are the details:

  1. Each day, I will give away one product (which may be more than one item).
  2. The Gift recipient will be chosen at random.
  3. To win, leave a comment on the Gift’s detail page about why you should receive it and tweet a message about the gift page.
  4. The daily gift recipient will be notified via Twitter or email so be sure you leave your Twitter name and email.
  5. Sorry, but unless otherwise noted, U.S. Residents only.
  6. WINNERS will be announced the DAY AFTER each giveaway in the morning (Pacific Time).
  7. Comments must be logged for each day by midnight that day (Pacific Time).
  8. You can only win once!

I didn’t want to make this a “follow me on Twitter to win” type of thing. I want my followers to be organic and people who are actually interested in what I have to say. So, NO, you DON’T have to follow me. You DO have to leave a comment (with your Twitter name or an email address) about why you should be the one to receive the daily gift.

I hate rules, so hopefully those are simple enough. Tweet about the give away, be sure you leave a creative comment about why you should win, and check back the next day to see who got the previous day’s gift.

The Prizes

Each day of the coming business week, I will reveal what the gift is. Since I’m on the West Coast, it will start when I first log in that day and will run until midnight Pacific time that same day. You can check the list below for details on what the gift is and the page link to enter.

  • Day 1 – Bakugan – Battle Brawlers – more details (Winner – Lott42)
  • Day 2 – 3 Speck CandyShell iPhone cases – more details (Winner – CFINE)
  • Day 3 – Speck CorePack Fly bag – more details (Winner – MyGeekDaddy)
  • Day 4 – My Baby: First Steps Wii AND Nintendo DS games – more details (Winner – Natalia)
  • Day 5 GRAND PRIZE – too many gifts to list! See the post for more details (Winner – PentaxFan)

If you are chosen, I will contact you offline and you will need to provide me with your mailing address. I will then give that address to Sandbox Strategies and they will send you the gift.

It’s pretty simple actually. Just my way of sharing the love during the Holiday Season. (The PR firm does get a little brand awareness for their clients, but there is nothing really in it for me.)

Do you have questions? If so, leave me a note. Otherwise, tune in on Monday, November 30th for the first Gift.

Oh, and to make it interesting, I will NOT give anything away if there aren’t a minimum of 30 unique comments!

HTD says: Hope you enjoy this! Perhaps I can do some others like this soon!

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7 Responses

  1. thanks so looking forward to finding out what your mystery gifts will be! They will be appreciated no matter what.. Also really liked your comparison of the iphonoe and droid with the snapshot comparisons… and u are right… pros and cons with….color saturation, window of subject, foreground or background highlights.. interesting review!
    Cathy B
    @projecthope7 (twitter id)

  2. Well I just found out about your website about exactly six days ago and all i can say is wow!! really impressive reviews!!! If i have any questions about gadgets i was come to your blog! Wow your giving away a free gift well i think i deserve one because i am a 17 year old and i have minimum wage job and all my money goes to my new born child so i cant buy any gadgets like i used to but its all good sir.
    @IJayW (Twitter ID)

  3. I have a new grand neice and would like to give her something that is educational. This sounds like a really great thing for her.

  4. I would like to win because these prizes would really put a dent in my holiday gifts and not in my pocket, LOL. twitter name sesynurse!

  5. Thanks. Just be sure you leave a comment on the page that is about the
    specific giveaway.

  6. I would like to win because these prizes would really put a dent in my holiday gifts and not in my pocket, LOL. twitter name sesynurse!

  7. Thanks. Just be sure you leave a comment on the page that is about the
    specific giveaway.

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