Sunday, July 12, 2020

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How To Get Your iPhone Out of a Recovery or Restore Mode Loop

I recently got my iPhone 4 and consequently wanted to prepare my iPhone 3GS for my children to use as an "iPod Touch" – iPhone but without the cell service. I have already done this with my original iPhone....

Wrapping Up the AT&T “Lose the Laptop” Challenge – A Retrospective

We are now in the final days of voting for the AT&T Lose the Laptop Challenge. It has been an interesting four months writing about different topics and how they relate to the HTC Tilt 2 smart phone. You...

The Mobile Spy – “Ending It All” (The Finale & Part 4)

Catch up on Part 1 of “The Mobile Spy” here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here (on AT&T's Lose the Laptop site) or Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here (on He slept most of...

How To Install a Replacement Battery into an Apple iPhone 3GS

My iPhone 3GS has been showing signs of a dying battery for a month or so now. The symptoms included the battery depleting faster than normal, charging very quickly (because there wasn't much to "charge"), and the iPhone simply...

As Promised, Apple Delivers iPhone 4 Case Program

For those of your lucky enough to have an iPhone 4, you can now get either a free iPhone 4 Bumper or a 3rd Party Case for FREEEEEE from Apple. Or, if you have already purchased a case from...

HTD’s Tech News Snippets – July 22, 2010 (Flipboard, Google Voice, Router Hacks, Safari, AT&T & Twitter)

Some really interesting news floated by today. Flipboard is a pretty interesting iPad app. Be sure to check it out. But you may have some issues hooking up your Twitter and/or Facebook feeds. I'm still waiting...and waiting...and waiting for...

HTD’s Tech News Snippets – July 21, 2010 (Ford, Skype, Antennagate, Facebook, Apple & Blackberry)

Once again, scouring the web for the latest tech news that grabbed my attention. Below are some links to some posts. You can see the beginning of my commentary below. Clicking through the links gives you the rest...

iPhone 4 Scarcity – What AT&T Can Do To Help Make Customers Like Me Happy (Think Beyond the Tech)

It should be pretty obvious to those people who know me or read my social media updates that I really want an iPhone 4. I have had the original iPhone and the iPhone 3GS (I skipped the iPhone 3G),...

The Mobile Spy – “The Final Purchase” (Part 3 of a 4 Part Story)

Catch up on Part 1 of “The Mobile Spy” here and Part 2 here (on AT&T's Lose The Laptop) or Part 1 here and Part 2 here (on He enjoyed the obscurity that the shadows of the train station...

Recall or “Stop Gap” Fix? My Thoughts on the Upcoming Apple Press Event Around the iPhone 4 Antenna Issues

Of course I want to jump into the speculation/rumor mill on what Apple will be talking about tomorrow (July 16, 2010) at a hastily called Press Conference around the iPhone 4 (and issues therein). For starters, I don't have...

The Mobile Spy – “Cypher, Location & Discovery” (Part 2 of a 4 Part Story)

Catch up on Part 1 of “The Mobile Spy” here (on AT&T's Lose The Laptop) or here (on He wondered how the hell they had found him. It must have been his business contact, Mark Z. He should never...

The Mobile Spy – “On the Run – The Train Station” (Part 1 of a 4 Part Story)

The acrid electronic smoke still lingered in his nose. He panted as he ran through the doors of the train station, carefully yet quickly glancing over his shoulder. He slipped through the front entrance, but did not take the...
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