Be Fearless this Father’s Day – The Case Foundation Giveaway


Have you ever wanted to take a risk and not done it? I know I have. I’m a bit of a creature of habit who likes comfort. But sometimes, there is that little voice that tells you to just “go for it” and take a risk. Sometimes that voice can be your inner self and […]

Bare Metal & Raw Leather – FosterWeld – Handmade Belt Buckles and More


I was hoping to do this post in time for Father’s Day, but unfortunately (or fortunately) hand-made products take time to produce. And this would have been an ideal gift for Dad. But you know what? It really doesn’t matter when you need a belt or belt buckle. I burn through belts about every other […]

He May Be Someone Else to You, But To Me, He’s Just My Dad


With Father’s Day just around the corner, we are all hopefully thinking about our dads. Dads have it tough, you know, compared to moms. We don’t have a clue about parenting, or so we are told regularly by our wives. And we don’t have that bond with our kids the way that mom’s do (“YOU […]

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Dads, Have You Done “The Big Snip”? – Cast of Dads Podcast #24


As all 5 of the us on the Cast of Dads have recently recovered from Father’s Day, with a variety of good times and adventures, we spent some time discussing something that “cuts close” to our Dad-dom, that of “The Big Snip”. Can you guess how many of us on COD have actually had the […]

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10 Father’s Day Shopping Tips – But First, Bring your Cell Phone!


With Father’s Day right around the corner, how are you going to make your Dad (or husband) happy? For me, any type of gadget will make me grin, but that is probably not what each and every dad wants. The best bet is to develop a strategy with your siblings or kids in order to […]