How To Fix “Information Store Cannot Be Opened” on Outlook, Windows 10 & iCloud

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There is nothing better than upgrading your computer to the latest and greatest operating system. Windows 10 is quite a nice refresh to PCs running Windows 7 or 8 and so when Microsoft announced the free upgrade, I quickly upgraded all of the PCs in my household. The upgrade process went relatively well. I did have to force some upgrades to happen ahead of cycle and do a manual install of Windows 10, but that’s another story. And everything seemed to be working great…until my wife couldn’t access the shared family calendar we had set up in iCloud and in Outlook 2013. Suddenly, kids were missing appointments, outings were being forgotten about, and life as we knew it became completely chaotic.

How To Fix “Information Store Cannot Be Opened” on Outlook, Windows 10 & iCloud - HighTechDad

Well, I’m exaggerating a bit. She was definitely frustrated. When she tried to access the shared iCloud calendar within Microsoft Outlook 2013, she received the following error:

“The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened.”

Cryptic, right?

It turns out, it is quite easy to fix the “Information store cannot be opened” error as it relates to iCloud and Outlook 2013 calendars (and contacts and tasks for that matter). And, for some reason, it was caused by the upgrade to Windows 10.


How to fix “information store cannot be opened” on Outlook, Windows 10 & iCloud

This fix will probably take you just a few minutes.

  1. Exit out of Outlook 2013.
  2. Sign out of iCloud within the iCloud app.
    HTD - iCloud Control Panel - sign out
  3. Open iCloud app. The easiest way to find and open it is to press the Windows key and when the Start Menu (yay, it’s back!) shows up, type in “iCloud” and it will show as an App.
  4. Fully uninstall iCloud app. To uninstall an app, go to the Start Menu, select Settings, then type “uninstall” and select the “Add or Remove Programs.”
    HTD Uninstall iCloud

    From there, put “iCloud” in the search box. Once you see the iCloud app, uninstall it.HTD Uninstall iCloud
  5. Download latest iCloud app for Windows: http://www.apple.com/icloud/setup/pc.html
  6. Install iCloud app.
  7. Reboot. You will most likely be prompted to reboot.
  8. Merge (or not) iCloud Outlook items. Here you can merge local calendar, tasks and/or contacts that are in your Outlook with iCloud, making it available wherever else you are using iCloud. Remember, you contacts/tasks/calendar items will now be in iCloud.
  9. Open Outlook and re-enable the iCloud Calendars.

That should be it. Hopefully, when you check off the iCloud Calendars you want to show, you won’t see the “information store cannot be opened” error within Outlook 2013 and Windows 10. It worked on my wife’s computer.

With calendar syncing working again, a state of calm has settled over our household…at least until we become triple-booked on something.

HTD says: Please leave a comment to let me and others know that this iCloud, Windows 10 and Outlook 2013 error has been resolved.