What Has Happened to Continuity?


Was it something I said or did? Why aren’t you talking to me any more? Did I not do everything you asked? No, I’m not talking about dating here, although, in some way I sort of am. I am talking about being “dumped” by a brand. This is particularly painful if you are a blogger […]

Wii U – Will U? I Will! Why I like the Nintendo Wii U


I’m not a hard core gamer. I do have an Xbox (original & 360), a PS3 and the original Wii. Now I have the Nintendo Wii U. I’m more of a social family gamer, that is to say, I only game with my kids (or occasionally when I have a free moment at night and […]

Sony, Ford and NYC Auto Show Videos from the Cast of Dads Roadtrip


A few weeks ago, Ford and Sony invited the Cast of Dads on a really cool experience – a road trip from Boston driving a 2011 Ford Explorer down to New York International Auto Show. Unfortunately both Max and I were not able to attend, but Jeff, CC and Brad produced a ton of content […]

Video Gaming – Ballerina Style!


People play video games in all sorts of ways. And there are many gaming consoles and devices available to use for it. As a parent, it’s a fine line to walk when it comes to your kids playing video games. When the weather is nice, how do you pry them away from the game controllers […]

Hang In There Sony…And Thanks for Your Continued Innovation


It happens to the best of us. We plan for the worst, do all of our due diligence, prepare for the unexpected, test and re-test and cross our fingers a lot. But inevitably, there is always something that we didn’t think of. I could be talking about the recent Amazon Web Services outage or the […]