iPhone: Firmware 1.1.3, 2008 predictions and my 3rd party apps

Google Maps Updated

Just a quick post for all of you iPhone fans. It’s the start of 2008 and there is, I predict, a lot in store for the iPhone. We will see the release of the iPhone SDK which is a definite. Also, there have been reports (from Gear Live) of a new firmware coming out (more about that in a bit).

Google Maps Updated

But first, here are some other things that I think will happen within the 1st Quarter of 2008 (maybe spilling to the 2nd):

  • Apple will start releasing 3rd party apps via iTunes
  • iTunes will let you “rent” movies which means that you will be able to play on your iPhone for a limited amount of plays/time
  • iTunes will be updated to support 3rd party application eCommerce
  • Apple will start a rigorous program to certify applications
  • iTunes will sync Notes (and Tasks?) with the Apple Mail app and possibly with Exchange
  • The Exchange synching will be dramatically updated to support more functionality (e.g., Calendaring/Tasks/Notes)
  • A new iPhone model will be release for 3G networks
  • …”and one more thing…” will be announced at MacWorld (probably new firmware/features?)

Before firmware 1.1.2 launches, I figured that I would do a quick roundup of some apps that I’m using that I like (yes, these are 3rd party apps and yes, they will be blown away by the new firmware coming out, and YES, all of the jailbreaking developers will be scrambling to break into the new firmware). Here is what I currently have installed (with a quick roundup as well). On my iPhone, these are always in a state of flux but here goes:

Apps #1

  • Mines – great minesweeper game; very addictive
  • Blinker – flashes your iPhone screen yellow; good for flagging people down
  • Customize – tweak all sorts of settings on your iPhone with different graphics packs
  • SMBPrefs – use custom themes on your iPhone
  • Search – search Events and Contracts quickly (wrote this up here)
  • SendSong – email songs and set as custom ringtones
  • Services – enable/disable EDGE, Wifi, Bluetooth and SSH easily
  • Sketches – great drawing app; super for kids to play with
  • Finder – graphically browse your iPhone
  • Light – like Blinker but with a solid white light for flashlight
  • iBlackjack – very nice Blackjack app
  • redLight – like Light but red for viewing at night
  • Sand – interesting drawing app that uses falling/static sand
  • Splitter – spit your bill easily
  • TuneWiki – pulls the lyrics for songs in your iTunes; syncs those lyrics with the music on many songs
  • DressUp – overlay “costumes” on pictures you take; Pirate, Xmas, Halloween, and many others

Apps #2

  • DropCopy – share files wirelessly
  • ToDo – simple to-do lists
  • Domino – 1/2 player domino action
  • Screenshot – take screenshots and save locally
  • CameraPro – a shareware higher-end version of the camera app with zooming
  • TowerofHanoi – exactly as the name says (a game)
  • VNsea – a port of VNC for iPhone
  • SMSD – more robust SMS app
  • MIM – set your own custom carrier (mine is HTD)
  • RSS – an RSS reader with lots of features
  • SwirlyMMS – an MMS app (outbound only)
  • WebSearch – one button searches for popular search sites
  • MultiTouch – be just like Tom Cruise in Minority Report
  • iTrac – track your various shipments
  • RealArtist – smudge your latest picture
  • Ulctl – careful with this one; UI for launchctl

Apps #3

  • 4Balls – like Othello; stack 4 in a row
  • iSMS – another SMS app
  • iSolitaire – nice Solitaire card game
  • Xmas – Xmas costume (included in DressUp)
  • iFlix – manage your NetFlix account (wrote this up here)
  • PhotoBoard – ways to view photos
  • SpeedDial – set up 1 button speed dials
  • iSlots – nice slot machine app
  • vNotes – record voice notes and email them
  • iLevel – uses Accelerometer to create a level

But, I can kiss these all goodbye when Firmware 1.1.3 comes out. Here is what it is “supposed” to include (unconfirmed – my source is GearLive):

  • SMS to multiple recipients at once
  • Cell tower triangulation on Google maps (not super accurate)
  • Hybrid Map view (roads and satellite)
  • Rearrange apps on your iPhone
  • Pagination on iPhone
  • Web bookmarks on home screen (save a “shortcut” to a website)
  • Baseband version updated

So, again, this is all UNCONFIRMED by other sources, but the changes seem to be pretty reasonable in my opinion. See the screenshots/videos at GearLive.

HTD says: Lots of things (good/bad) to come with the iPhone this first quarter I predict!

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