The Sony DigiDad Project

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Sony DigiDad ProjectNo, it’s not about turning a bunch of dads into Skynet, cybernetic offspring. Nor are there going to be a new line of kids DigiPets that are modeled after fathers (but that would be an interesting idea). The Sony DigiDad Project is actually pretty cool (probably because I’m in it)! So here’s the scoop. Sony has teamed up with 5 top-tier daddy bloggers to play with a variety of Sony Electronics gear. The idea being, dads are geeky, we love gadgets, and any way to incorporate these digital “toys” into our family lives is critical and paramount, at least from my perspective.

So what happens when you loan a group of daddy bloggers a bunch of high-end Sony Electronics? Aside from the envy of friends and neighbors, the complaints of wives not having a place to put all of the gear, and your kids’ distractions from what is supposed to be “back to school” time, you get a series of reviews, commentary and analysis of Sony gadgets. Within a loose structure, we are hoping to lead you down a path demonstrating how the latest and greatest Sony gizmos can be integrated into the family, each accomplishing “family time” of sorts.


The Sony DigiDad Project are made up of the following daddy bloggers:

Over the next few months, the 5 of us will be testing and reviewing a variety of Sony gear. We have all been given assignments or themes for each post and review, but we are not told what to say. Sony wanted our reviews to be unbiased and honest, so unfortunately for us, we don’t get to keep any of the items that you see in these upcoming reviews.

Details about the project can be found on a special page within the Sony Electronics Community: The official Sony Electronics Press Release is available online as well.



Each of the 5 daddy bloggers were asked to record a quick video discussing their participation in the project and why they are excited about it. I took mine with all seriousness but in hindsight, probably would have made myself come across a bit less like a tired, sun-in-the-eyes, hot, stressed out, rushed dad who is trying to nail down a project within a 45 minute period when his kids are not bugging him to do something, the laundry isn’t piling up, the wife isn’t nagging about vacuuming the house, etc.

I hope you will follow my and the other daddy bloggers’ efforts to show how electronics can actually integrate into a family’s lifestyle. I personally have no idea what directions this project will go, I do know that it is exciting to be part of this group effort and contribute some technology insight into the family dynamic.

This post is part of series called the “Sony DigiDads Project” by Sony Electronics where a group of dads, including C.C. Chapman, Jeffrey Sass, Max Kalehoff, Michael Sheehan, and Brad Powell, have been given the opportunity to test and review Sony gear.   If you want to know more about this project, view my “SonyDads” tagged posts here or visit the Sony Electronics Community.

HTD says: Stay tuned for more Sony fun!