The Ford Fiesta Movement is Back! And Here’s My Entry! #FiestaMovement

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Piggybacking on the success of the previous Ford Fiesta Movement a few years ago, Ford is re-launching the Fiesta Movement ( to showcase the 2014 Ford Fiesta. Ford is currently looking for “the most vibrant voices and talented storytellers to be agents in the Fiesta Movement.” So, I figured that I would throw my hat into the ring!


I do lots of car reviews and have participated in a few Ford programs in the past so being a Fiesta Agent makes a lot of sense to me. But as I watched some of the promotional materials about this year’s program, I noticed that it seemed to be geared towards a younger audience (20-somethings). So how could I make my voice be heard among the youth out there? I thought about it and realized that I have an even more rounded story (I hope).

I would not only be bringing 1 agent to the mix (me), but 5 others as well (my family). The program should really be about the experience, how a family (or individual) interacts with the Fiesta, and how it solves daily challenges and usage scenarios. So let me introduce you to my family of agents! Here’s the video (available directly on YouTube as well):

First, there is me, HighTechDad, but if you are familiar with my content and videos, there probably is no introduction required. So let’s move on.

There is Sally (The Energetic Actress)


Sally is driven to be an actress. When she’s not in school, she’s practicing her lines to become the next Meryl Streep! Oh, and can you tell she’s full of energy? She also studies jazz and tap dance and has a wild imagination!

Next is Alex (The Pragmatic Pianist)


Alex is a competitive gymnast and an accomplished pianist. She is driving to be the first of her sisters to own a car of her very own and is saving up for one even now. She has already memorized all of the emblems for many of the auto manufacturers out there.

Then there is Natasha (The Annoyed Teenage Ballerina)


Natasha is a student at the San Francisco Ballet School where she attends 6 days a week. Her love of ballet motors her forward as she strives to become a principal dancer someday! Being a teen, she takes her social media very seriously.

Of course, there is my wife Sylvia (The Stressed-out Chauffeur)


Sylvia, a journalist at heart and by trade, seems to spend most of her time in the car, driving our kids to and from school and other activities, running errands, and shuttling Natasha back and forth from home and ballet. Her car is her home-away-from-home, despite her desire to read, stay up to date on current events and follow period movies and shows (can you say “Downton Abbey”?).


Lastly, there is Rufus (The Lazy Lapdog)


Rufus seems to hold the whole family together, showing us how to relax and take lots of naps. He is our resident de-stresser and loves riding on the laps of passengers in the car (just another excuse for a nap)!


So, those are my Ford Fiesta agents (and one “siesta” agent). I hope that you enjoyed the video. If so, be sure to give it a “like” on YouTube!

HTD says: Being a Ford Fiesta Agent sure would make our family happy!