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Hey Google, Buy a Lenovo Smart Clock For Father’s Day (or Any Day) – Review

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Review of the Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant built-in. This small form factor bedside clock responds to voice commands & has a beautiful display.

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Smart Home Guide 2019: Before Buying that Smart Home Device, Check These 8 Things First [Updated]

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This Smart Home Guide 2019 helps to evaluate the smart home gadget or device you are considering. 8 items you should review before purchasing a smart device.

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Homido Provides VR Headsets Better than Cardboard & Less Expensive than Others

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Looking for a budget-conscious yet comfortable & functional VR Headset for watching Virtual Reality & 3D content? My review of the Homido & Homido mini!

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How to Turn Off Facebook’s Auto-Play Videos & Save Data

In Android, Apple, Application, Cellular, Fix It, General, Google, How To, HTD Tech Tip, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, Social Media, Softwareby Michael Sheehan

If you are anything like me, you watch your cell phone’s data consumption very closely. And given that I have 4 other people on my family shared plan (3 of them being teens & almost a teen), there are some apps that simply gulp down data. Tweens and teens absolutely LOVE image and video apps (think Instagram, Vine, SnapChat and others) and while many kids are not gravitating toward Facebook, Facebook is typically a high-consumer of data. The Facebook mobile app has a very sneaky way of gobbling up data, especially because of the feature that auto-plays any videos in …

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How To Change the Default Browser on Mac with Chrome Canary and Chrome

In Apple, Fix It, General, Google, How To, HTD Tech Tip, Softwareby Michael Sheehan6 Comments

Google recently released a 64-bit version of its browser, Chrome Canary. If you want what Google calls “the bleeding edge of the web” type of browser, you can download and install Google Chrome Canary for Mac (or Windows).  It has the latest features and is targeted towards early adopters, developers and the like. I had been using the beta channel (and dev channels) for my “regular” version of Chrome on my Mac, but I wanted to test out the 64-bit version of the browser as it was supposed to be “faster.” However, I ran into an issue. Since I already …

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Instagram Users – How to Clear the Instagram Cache & Save Space on your Smartphone

In Android, Apple, Application, Cellular, Fix It, Gadgets, General, Google, How To, iOS, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mobile, Softwareby Michael Sheehan15 Comments

If you are a heavy Instagram user, you might not know this but the more you use Instagram, the photo-sharing service and mobile application, the more space the app will consume on your iOS or Android device over time. Originally, when you install Instagram, it only uses about 24 MB (on iOS), but it can grow to use up literally gigabytes of space. This article shows you how to clear the Instagram cache so that you can easily and quickly save space on your mobile device. While Instagram is a great service, for some reason the developers crafted their app …

Tired of Coordinating Arrival Times or Notifying If You’ll Be Early or Late? Use Twist! App Walkthrough & CEO Interview

In Android, Apple, Application, Cellular, General, Google, Interview, iOS, Mobile, Opinion, Review, Softwareby Michael SheehanLeave a Comment

As a parent in a busy family of 5 with 3 kid schedules to coordinate, activities galore and timing managed literally down to the minute, I have often felt a bit overwhelmed trying to let everyone know when I would arrive for a pickup or where I was en route to a variety of destinations. You can’t text while you drive and sometimes it isn’t convenient to get calls or bug people by calling them to let them know that you are running late. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app that knows where you are going, when you …

How To Disable Java in Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer on Mac OS or Windows to Prevent 0-Day Exploit

In Apple, Application, Fix It, General, Google, How To, HTD Tech Tip, Microsoft, Safety, Security, Software, Tech Newsby Michael Sheehan2 Comments

If you have been reading any of the Technical publications online, you will probably know that there is currently an exploit in Java that affects most internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer on systems that have Java installed. This is being called a zero-day or 0-day exploit which essentially means that there is a security vulnerability in an application that is so new (“day zero”) that the developers have not had time or the opportunity to patch or correct the security issue. If you think about a disease outbreak, this is day zero of the outbreak and …

Hmmm, What Wine to Choose? The Kendall Jackson App Can Help You Decide

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I love drinking wine…but I’m not in any way an expert. (Well, I am an expert at drinking, just not choosing!) My wife is actually the one who is part of numerous wine clubs and is often the one who gets our wine. Or, I get some recommendations and bottles from my dad who actually has a wine refrigerator and who pre-buys lots and catalogs all of his wines. So I was intrigued when the Kendall Jackson winery approached me to look at their new iPhone and Android app called “K-J Recommends.” If you are a big KJ fan or …

Get Your Game On with the PlayMG, an Android-based Gaming Device (#Giveaway Too!)

In Application, Consumer Electronics, Family, Gadgets, General, Giveaway, Google, Hardware, Mobile, Opinionby Michael Sheehan1 Comment

I would be surprised to find a kid that doesn’t play games on some sort of an hand-held device. They are either borrowing their parents smartphones or tablets and playing game apps there, have their own smartphone or hand-held gaming device devoted purely to gaming, or using some sort of other gaming outlet like a gaming console or a computer. This day and age, it is hard to get away from those interactive pixels and sore thumbs. We have entered the next generation of gaming – portable, app-based game gadgets. Yes, there have been other devices that kids (and parents) …

HighTechDad’s Father’s Day 2012 Reviewed Gift Buying Guide

In Apple, Cellular, Consumer Electronics, Family, Gadgets, General, Google, Hardware, Intel, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mobile, Opinion, Parenting, Review, Tabletby Michael Sheehan2 Comments

Rev up those Father’s Day gift engines, it’s that time of year again! Yeah, I’m a bit late in getting together my list of products that you might want to consider for your dad for Father’s Day, but you will still have a few days to get those gifts (or write up a nice IOU card). Anyway, this is a gift guide of products that I have reviewed since the last Father’s Day (you can always look back at my 2011 Father’s Day gift guide for ideas as well). I have tested these products out (and may actually be still …

A Tablet for Babies? The VINCI Tablet Gives Toddlers a Jump Start on Touchscreens

In Consumer Electronics, Family, Gadgets, General, Google, Hardware, iPad, Parenting, Review, Tabletby Michael Sheehan11 Comments

A few weeks ago I received a pre-production version of a new tablet targeted toward children ages 2-4 or so called the “VINCI Tab“. I had been dying to review an Android-based tablet, but the VINCI threw me for an unexpected curve. It really is not what you might expect. While it is technically a tablet, it is really a crippled one. But it is crippled for an important reason and that is something that I didn’t immediately get. Typically when I get a product, I just jump right into it without reading instructions, or if I do, I try …

How to Write & Blog Efficiently with Free Tools like Evernote, DropBox, Picasa & Live Writer

In Application, General, Google, How To, HTD Tech Tip, Microsoft, Mobile, Social Media, Softwareby Michael Sheehan5 Comments

A while ago, I wrote a blog post about how I do blogging. That was over a year ago. Times have changed, tools have evolved and processes have gotten better, at least for me. I still believe that how your blog or write is extremely personal in nature and what may work for me, might not for others. I would, however, like to offer some “best practices” that I use that I have found provide efficiencies for me. To quickly outline how I write an article or blog post, here is a high-level process and the free tools I use. …

From the Tablet Clutter and Chaos Comes “The 10 Tablet Commandments”

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Apple has tablet competition…and lots of it. The iPad has been reigning supreme for over a year and only now are some possible contenders starting to pop up. The next iPad model is due in April, or so the rumors are saying. By all intents and purposes, Apple is well ahead in the tablet race having come to market early on with a precise, full featured and elegant piece of engineering. But as I saw at CES 2011, new tablets are coming, and lots of them at that. Many manufacturers are going to come after Apple to try to topple …