Did You Miss Us? We’ve Been Licking Lemon Ant Butts! Cast of Dads Podcast #57

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Yep, we’re baaaack! Have you ever tried to organize the lives of 5 busy dads who are dispersed across the country and time zones? The image of herding cats comes to mind. The desire to record our Cast of Dads podcast is there, the free time, however, is not. Yeah, excuses, excuses. We did manage to all get on a call about a week ago and chat through a variety of topics though, and were able to record Cast of Dads Podcast #57, “Lemon Flavored Ant Butts.”

Cast of Dads Podcast - Episode #57

I always feel that half an hour is simply not enough time to catch up and talk about the various parenting and life topics that are on our minds. In fact, Jeff and I would like to think that a little, profanity-filled, private video that we filmed together and shared with the other Cast of Dads members when he was visiting the town where I live was the impetus for us FINALLY getting back together to discuss our life activities. Perhaps if we have time, we will clean up the video and share it with y’all. However, until then, you just have to listen in on our latest podcast!

By listening, you might think that we are all a bunch of ADHD-plagued dads (well some of us are incredibly distracted, myself included). Just take a look at the topics we covered below, from light hearted parenting questions to the horror that occurred at the Boston Marathon to those “first times” at summer camp.

The Topics

Here are some of the topics we covered in Episode #57:

  • What age do boys need to wear cups when playing sports?
  • Phil Phillips new song talks about his crotch?
  • Rhymes with crotch
  • Boston Marathon Bombing
    Myrmelachista schumanni (Image: BBC/Martin Dohrn, taken from the new documentary series, Life in the Undergrowth)

    Myrmelachista schumanni (Image: BBC/Martin Dohrn, taken from the new documentary series, Life in the Undergrowth)

  • Good vs. Evil
  • Don’t mess with Boston
  • First firefly of the year!
  • WALL-E is reality at Disney World
  • Black Ant butts that taste like lemons?
  • Washing out your mouth with soap
  • School overnight trips
  • “First Times” at Summer Camp
  • Are “The Bases” different today then what we remember them as?
  • Staying safe online
  • Brisket
  • Cooking with wine
  • Drinking with our kids
  • House of Cards
  • Obama” premiere at Correspondence Dinner

Did we miss anything? You will have to listen to the show to find out.


The Audio

As always, the full podcast is available on CastofDads.com and on iTunes. You can also listen to the podcast here: Cast of Dads – Episode  #57 “Lemon Flavored Ant Butts” or directly below.

[audio  http://traffic.libsyn.com/castofdads/COD057.mp3]

Requesting Feedback

If you have questions or ideas for topics that you would like us to cover (remember, between all of us we have 13 children ranging from newborns to young adults), just send us an email to castofdads@gmail.com or tweet us at @CastofDads! Also, our podcast listener base is growing! If you are interested in sponsoring our podcast for an episode or a month, be sure to contact us! If you are interested in sponsoring this podcast, please leave a comment on the Cast of Dads site, send an email to [email protected] or leave a question/comment on my Contact form.

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HTD says: It sure is great to be back!