Twelve South BookBook iPhone Case Review – Made For Book Lovers!

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My wife loves buying iPhone cases with various patterns and prints or simply clear ones where she can put a picture. Most of these she has picked up at mall kiosk stores, much to my dismay as the prices often match the quality and don’t offer the protection that an expensive iPhone truly deserves. There was nothing that unique about these kiosk iPhone cases. But a few years ago, I stumbled across an iPhone case that I knew she would love, particularly because she loves reading and we have a pretty nice collection of old and new books alike. And, I wasn’t wrong. She thinks this unique iPhone case that I’m talking about is the best one that she has had, and many of her friends agree. It’s the Twelve South BookBook iPhone case for the iPhone 6/6S Plus.

So why would book lovers or antique fanatics like this iPhone case? (And do note, Twelve South has versions for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5!) Mainly because the BookBook iPhone case looks exactly like a vintage book. In fact, it could be easily hidden on a shelf with other books and nobody would know the difference between an actual book and the BookBook iPhone case (see the photo below). But the case has many more features than simply looking like a book.

HTD Twelve South BookBook iPhone Case - hidden on shelf

For starters, it is constructed with handmade, genuine leather which offers front and back protection. You can get the BookBook iPhone case in either brown leather (the one shown in these photos) and black. Both of the options have a different spine display.

More Features of the BookBook iPhone Case

But the features don’t stop there. Inside the BookBook iPhone case are holders for credit cards and IDs. There is even a pocket to put cash in. The ID holder is transparent so that it is easy to see. There are four slots for credit cards and one slot for an ID.

HTD Twelve South BookBook iPhone Case - Case open

You can, if you want, double up credit cards in the slots but I would actually not recommend doing that simply because then the BookBook iPhone case doesn’t fully close. Not a huge issue.

HTD Twelve South BookBook iPhone Case - looks like a book

The iPhone is actually held in a plastic protective shell which you can use on its own. I always carefully look at these protective shells to see if the ridges are above the iPhone’s screen or not. If they are not, there is a possibility of scratching the iPhone screen if the phone is slid (with the case on) face down across a rough surface. Having a raised edge allows for better protection of the iPhone’s screen. The BookBook iPhone case has raised edges I’m happy to report.

The plastic protective shell is anchored to the leather book portion of the case via a few unique plastic hooks. Do note, it takes a little bit of practice to understand how the hooks work as they actually have dual purposes. To remove the plastic case from the leather case, you have to carefully slide the plastic to the left (when the BookBook iPhone case is open). This will release one column of the plastic clips.

HTD Twelve South BookBook iPhone Case - hooks on back

This process also allows you to use the entire case as a hands-free stand when propped.

HTD Twelve South BookBook iPhone Case - Hands-free viewing

If you want to fully remove the plastic shell from the protective, soft-leather case and you have already unhooked the first column of hooks and the phone is loose there, you then slide the case to the right and the plastic shell can be fully removed. This is good if you want to mount your iPhone in a holder in the car.

BookBook iPhone Case Protection & Security

While this iPhone case definitely passes my critical eye for providing protection for your iPhone, the BookBook iPhone case also provide security in a different way. Obviously, iPhones are great targets for thieves. When your iPhone is in the BookBook iPhone case, it truly looks like just an old book at quick glance. So while I wouldn’t recommend you leave your iPhone lying around un-watched, when it is in the BookBook iPhone case, it definitely becomes less of a target.

HTD Twelve South BookBook iPhone Case - vintage look

If you like the look and feel of the BookBook iPhone case and you have other devices like a MacBook or an iPad, you are in luck. Twelve South has produced an entire line of BookBook products, all with the careful attention to detail and vintage style. Now I’m wondering if my wife would like another BookBook case.


The BookBook iPhone case for the iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus retails for $59.99 ($59.94 on Amazon) and the non-Plus version is the same $59.99 (and $59.98 on Amazon). The iPhone 5 version for $39.99 ($19.99 on Amazon) and the iPhone 4 version for $24.99 ($14.99 on Amazon). These are actually extremely reasonable in my opinion.

My wife, who doesn’t really like gadgets and technology despite being married to someone who does, loves the fact that carrying and using the BookBook iPhone case feels traditional and has a connection to older times when technology wasn’t as intrusive.

HTD Twelve South BookBook iPhone case - closed

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HTD says: The Twelve South BookBook case for iPhone is one of the best iPhone cases I have seen. Not only does it protect your valuable iPhone and have storage for money, IDs and credit cards, it also has a vintage look that makes it unique to all other iPhone cases.