Turtle Wax ICE Protects & Makes Your Car Look New

HTD Turtle Wax ICE bucket
I recently waxed my car using Turtle Wax ICE liquid wax after using the protective sealant. The results were simply amazing!

There is something Zen-like about washing and waxing your car. I have always enjoyed doing it because I know I will do it right. Blocking out an hour or two of time to make your vehicle look almost like new gives purpose. And it’s good exercise for your arms if you do it by hand.

HTD Turtle Wax ICE Products

I recently got a great care package from Turtle Wax. It was creatively packaged in a 5-gallon plastic tub and had all of their new product line called Turtle Wax ICE with Smart Shield Technology. While I didn’t use each and every product they sent me, the end result was stellar. Literally, shining like a star.

HTD Turtle Wax ICE bucket

Here’s the scoop on the new technology they have built into the ICE line of products. Synthetic polymers now create an invisible barrier of weatherproof protection. And when you buff it all out, a bright shine. It’s pretty simple. Bottom line, they seem to have re-engineered the chemicals to make it work even better.

Here’s what was in my care package:

  • Turtle Wax ICE Liquid Wax & Paste Wax – This is where the magic happens. The wax not only adds protection, once you buff it out, your car will truly shine! Use this a few times a year. ($17.99/liquid & $14.99/paste)
  • Turtle Wax ICE Spray Detailer – Use the Detailer between your washing. This is good for quick clean-ups and to boost the shine. ($9.99)
  • Turtle Wax ICE Spray Wax – The spray wax is the fastest way to wax the car. You can do this each time after you wash your car. ($9.99)
  • Turtle Wax ICE Wash & Wax – Use this for cleaning, complete with lots of car-washing foam. Lifts out all of the dirt and it’s biodegradable. ($9.99)
  • Turtle Wax ICE Shine Lock Sealant – This is the stuff you should start with! It probably takes the most time to put on your car (and even your glass). This sealant protects your car’s clear coat year round and you only have to do once a year! ($19.99)

I used the Shine Lock Sealant and the Liquid Wax. First, given that I live in California and we are suffering through an intense drought, I took my car to a low water usage car wash. I got the “hard work” done and my car was looking pretty good after that. But I wanted it to look better.

HTD Turtle Wax ICE Sealant

Once I was sure the car was dry, I got to work with the Shine Lock Sealant. This process takes the longest. On my smaller sedan, it probably took about 30 minutes. The Sealant pack comes with the liquid sealant, an easy-to-hold applicator and a microfiber towel. You pour the liquid in a line on the applicator and then spread on your vehicle. It dries quickly and does not leave any film or haze. Once you complete a section, you go back over that section with the microfiber towel to clean up any excess. Oh, and you can use this and any of their products in direct sunlight unlike some other products I’ve used.

HTD Turtle Wax ICE Liquid Wax

Once that was done, it was time to apply the Liquid Wax. This process takes a bit longer. I chose the liquid simply because it’s slightly easier to apply. And there is one thing that I really liked about this wax (actually two). For starters, when it dries in a crack, you can’t see it. I hated in the past having to go back through after I had buffed out everything to scrape off the dry wax with my fingernail. I no longer had to do this with the Turtle Wax ICE. The other thing that I liked about this wax is that you can use it on all parts of the exterior including paint, chrome, plastic and trim!

I put the Turtle Wax ICE Liquid Wax on the entire car using the included applicator. Once the whole car was covered, you could see it dry to a light haze. After that, grab a clean microfiber towel and buff it all out. Turtle Wax recommends using part of the towel to remove the polish and then the other part of the towel to buff it to a shine.

HTD Turtle Wax ICE Fully Waxed

And with just those two Turtle Wax ICE products, I was done. And my car looked amazing! My wife and kids were actually shocked at how shiny it was. And now my wife is wanting me to do that to her car as well.

Here’s a before and after shot of the side:

HTD Turtle Wax ICE Side by Side

And here is a before and after shot of the back:

HTD Turtle Wax ICE Side by Side back of car

Do note, the before shot was taken before the car was even washed. I had been conserving water and quite a good amount of dirt had built up on the exterior.

Bottom line, the Turtle Wax ICE line of products is great for those who really want to protect their vehicle’s exterior while providing an incredibly brilliant shine in the process. The new formula promised to provide layers of protection year round. The price is reasonable and you don’t need all of the products above that I mentioned, probably just the Sealant and one type of the liquid or paste wax. You can save a bit on these products by getting them on Amazon.

HTD Turtle Wax ICE Line of Products

So, with Father’s Day around the corner, you could get your Dad (or the father figure in your life) a few of these Turtle Wax ICE products…or even better, buy them and shine the car for him! Or just pick it up for your kids to do for you. Or, do it yourself!

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HTD says: Want your vehicle to have that “fresh off the lot” look, sparkling even when the sun isn’t out? Then give it a Turtle Wax ICE treatment!

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