13 Security Resolutions for 2013 – Follow Them or Get Hacked!


With just a few hours left in 2012, it’s time to think about ways to make 2013 an even better year. I’m sure that all of you are planning on going to the gym about 20 times a day, or eliminating all fat from your diet, or working to become Time Magazine’s Person of the […]

How Safe is Online Shopping? Tips to Get Ready for Cyber Monday and Beyond


Personally, I hate shopping. I do though, like the act of giving gifts. There is something always great about spreading joy to friends and family during the holiday seasons. My wife is a bargain hunter and loves the “sport” of the deal hunt. She went missing on Black Friday only to reappear a few hours […]

Phishing for Your Olympic Spirit – Buyer Beware!


With the Olympics right around the corner, the last thing that you want to think about is security. Well, let me rephrase that, there is plenty of security at the Olympics itself and I’m one of many who sincerely hopes that the 2012 Olympics in London goes smoothly and safely. Go Team USA! But, if […]

How Internet Security Savvy Are You?


If you have read any of my articles in the past, I find it extremely important to use technology as a tool to better your life. Some of those “tools” are for entertainment, and others are for security and safety of yourself and your family. Entertainment is obviously fun, as it should be, but security […]

IMPORTANT: Enable SSL on your Social Media Accounts NOW! – Twitter and Facebook


As hacking into people’s accounts has become a “clear and present danger“, it’s important to note TWO quick and easy configuration settings that you can now enable within both Facebook and now Twitter that can make your Social Media account just a bit more secure. While it won’t protect you from other types of hack […]

Tech News: Google Public DNS, H1N1 Malware & Mac Sales Growth Projected

Taking a quick break during lunch to get this out. Had to skim the hot news quickly. Google promises faster Web with launch of Public DNS “Google is taking control of the Internet’s equivalent of the telephone switchboard, called the Domain Name System, or DNS. In a blog post this morning, Google announced the release […]

Phishing Scam Alert: “Information from Comerica Bank customer service team”


I just got the following email with the subject line: “Information from Comerica Bank customer service team [message id: 0715063392]” from “Comerica Bank” which, for me, was obviously a phishing scam. I wanted to quickly document what I found to alert others. While the English of this email message is not as bad as other […]

How to Easily Check your Blog for Security Breaches & Hacker Code


A few months ago, I got an email from a family member that told me that when they visited my blog, they received a “malicious software” warning. I found this very odd, since I visit my own blog fairly regularly and hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary. I found out that the issue only […]