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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just a few hours ago, WordPress 2.8 was release to the general public (for the self-hosted version). I was notified within my admin portal and, after I did a quick database backup and downloaded all of my blog’s files, I clicked on the upgrade button. After a few seconds, WordPress told me that everything was successful. I was pretty amazed at how quickly the entire process took. Note: this is NOT unique to just WordPress 2.8 but also other releases of WordPress!

NOTE: I can help you fix your WordPress (self-hosted) issues. Read the information at the end of this article for more details!

So, I went to my blog’s main page to ensure that everything was working, and this is what I saw:


That’s right, absolutely NOTHING. Some people have referred to this as the “WordPress White Screen of Death“ or the “Blank Screen of Death“ or just “WSOD“. I went to the login page and it too, was not working. Ouch!

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One of the biggest sellers for Father’s Day in recent years has been digital picture frames. I got one a few years ago and it’s sitting on my desk, scrolling through the same set of great pictures as when I first got it. I haven’t gotten around to changing the picture set, mainly because that would mean I would have to take the frame home and load it from my picture sources there, or I would have to load it all on a SD or compact media card. That process is time consuming and a bit of a pain in the butt.

But still, the idea of having a frame that holds hundreds or even thousands of pictures is wonderful. How frequently do you change the “ol’ fashioned” static picture frames and replace the picture with something more recent or different entirely? I never do; my wife sometimes does. With digital picture frames, the process is a whole lot easier.


Today, I wanted to write about a new type of digital picture frame, specifically the iPevo Kaleido R7. From so many different standpoints, this device is truly “with the times.” Here are a few things that make it stand out above and beyond other digital frames that I have tested or seen out there:

  • Its Design
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Management of photos

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