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How To Fix RSS Feed Validation Error for WordPress Site Name with Trademark

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A while ago, I decided I wanted to add the trademark symbol (™) to my WordPress site name – HighTechDad – so that all pages and articles would have “HighTechDad™” tagged on to the end of each page title. This process was easy enough to do, but little did I know that by doing it, it would actually break my RSS feed’s validity. While not many people use RSS directly anymore, there are content aggregation sites (like Feedly) that pull in RSS feeds in order to display the content. I’m not a web developer so the fix was not something immediately apparent to me. And I did a bunch of investigation to try to first understand the issue, and then to fix it. Alas, I failed. But I was saved by the coding expertise of Shane Bishop, the brains behind the incredible plugin, EWWW Image Optimizer which can compress the images on your WordPress blog in order to make it serve content faster. (By the way, I highly recommend his plugin!) So, I can’t take ANY credit for the fix that follows! (Just the documentation of it.)

Here’s what the issue was. Since an RSS feed is essentially an XML document, this XML document needs to adhere to some very strict standards in order for it to be valid. But first, a little background. I have my feed “hosted” with Google’s Feedburner service (an RSS service which lets you not only host a feed, but also “clean it up” and add other options to it). While Google hasn’t killed the service, it really has discontinued any development on it. But it still works. Recently, I was adding my site to an Influencer service, and part of the process was to add in my site’s RSS feed. When I did that, the service couldn’t pull my feed. It was broken.

So, I went over to the “Troubleshootize” tab on Feedburner and decided to check the “Original Feed Validity” (which uses to do so). The result I got was interesting.

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How To Fix RSS Feed Validation Error for WordPress Site Name with Trademark was last modified: February 24th, 2017 by Michael Sheehan

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Delivering More Than Just the Mail – USPS Delivers Innovative Experiences!

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There is nothing more exciting or magical than receiving a package. Knowing that someone took the time to carefully place the contents into a box instantly creates a connection. For well over 200 years, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has been delivering these connections to the receivers. But this is changing, allowing the sender to participate in this connection. And the USPS is driving innovation and personal connections through a series of prototypes and technology explorations as recently exhibited at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES).

USPS - Innovation that delivers

I was invited to CES by the USPS as an influencer to explore these innovations that expand the experience. And, as part of this program, I received an early prototype of a device designed to create shared connections. Known as “The Most Wonderful Ornament,” this gadget is more than just some cool technology. It actually is a means to connect with friends, family or loved ones regardless of distance. Let me explain.Read More

Delivering More Than Just the Mail – USPS Delivers Innovative Experiences! was last modified: February 22nd, 2017 by Michael Sheehan

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Setapp Review – Rent Access to the Best Mac Applications Monthly [Updated w/ Video]

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I have to admit it. I have an addiction. Actually, multiple addictions. To tech, to gadgets, to software. If it’s new and bright and shiny, I kind of want it. Unfortunately, addictions can be expensive. When it comes to software, there are plenty of options available to quell my “need.” There is freeware – some of it is really great (but some not). There is shareware – there might be a price tag associated with some good software. There is trialware – which is really like “here, this drug is free the first time”. There is regular software – you pay for it and you get it. And now there is Setapp.

Setapp approaches software a bit differently. You pay a monthly fee and with that, you get unlimited access to the latest versions of a variety of premium applications. These are the same applications you would buy in a standalone version. They are not filled with ads, nor do they have premium features crippled. Nor are they a previous version. Setapp essentially is renting you access to a bunch of hand-selected (by them), premium applications.

A quick note: the links in this article are Affiliate links (as per my disclosure at the end of the article). You are welcome to visit the site directly to sign up but I’d love for you to use my links to help support my content. 

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OneDrive Sync Issues? How To Reset OneDrive for Mac the EASY Way!

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For the past couple of weeks, I have been battling some issues on my Mac. Long story short, I had to reset my Keychain and that seems to have caused some unintentional issues for various things including OneDrive. (Side note: I had to reset my Keychain because of Office365 and enterprise single-sign-on issues – I believe this may be related to my OneDrive issues as well but that is unconfirmed). Anyway…during these few weeks, I had issues not only syncing my corporate and personal OneDrive accounts – yes, you can have two running at once – but sometimes OneDrive would just hang with an error message or two that I couldn’t seem to get rid up. But I found, after lots of trial and error on my end, a way that I believe is the easiest to reset OneDrive back to default so that you can get up and running again.

For those of you who are reading this saying, what is OneDrive? Well, it’s a file hosting service that allows you to synchronize files across devices. The most popular competitors are Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. But this article is not about which one to use. It’s about how to reset OneDrive to a clean state so that you can re-syncronize it again.

Reset OneDrive - icon

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Leaf Phone Case with Battery – Review & Interview with the Founders

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I have done a lot of reviews of batteries and iPhone cases and the combination of the two. Honestly, I find the market to be quite cluttered with capable solutions. And, if you are an extreme user of your iPhone or other smart device, I believe you are silly to not have at least one type of portable battery solution in your arsenal. That being said, I almost shy away from writing reviews of power solutions, but as it turns out, I have found this to be pretty critical to my lifestyle – that is to say, personally, I can’t actually survive without a battery solution. When the founders of Leaf Company, the makers of Leaf Phone Case reached out to me to see if I wanted to test out their solution on a trip to Las Vegas (where I probably wouldn’t have access to a power plug), it was actually hard for me to say “no.” But again, iPhone battery cases are a dime a dozen, or better said, almost $100 per one. But the Leaf Phone Case was different. Let me explain as well as provide some insights into the company and its founders, Blake and Chasen.

Leaf Phone Case - in box

I have now been using the Leaf Phone Case for about a month now and have learned a lot about its capabilities. And to set the record straight, I feel it is important to list out the good as well as the things you should know so that expectations are set properly. And since people seems to like lists, I present you with my list of observations of the Leaf Phone Case.

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How To Replace the Side Mirror of a Hyundai Elantra

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On, I usually write about technology and how it works (or doesn’t) within the family environment. Or sometimes I provide How To and Fix It articles, again, usually about technology. And occasionally, I write some car reviews. But this time, I’m going to meld some things together here. I’m combining a Fix It and How To article with automotive. Specifically, how to replace the side mirror on a Hyundai Elantra (specifically, the 2013 model year).

So, a few months ago, I stupidly backed out of a tight garage without really checking the clearance of my side view mirrors on my Hyundai Elantra. As I heard the “crunch,” I realized I had really messed up. One of my mirror casings got cracked. It looked pretty lame. Then a few months later, we managed to completely break the mountings of the mirror on the passenger side of the Elantra. Not good. We couldn’t use the passenger side mirror for anything really after that.

HTD Replace the Side Mirror on Hyundai Elantra - broken mirror

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Kanex GoPower Watch Battery Charger Lets You Leave the Cable at Home

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While the Apple Watch design allowed us to not have to physically connect the charger to the Watch itself via wireless charging, you still have to carry a specialized Apple Watch charging cable with you if you plan on traveling with your Watch. Of course, many of us are used to carrying a bunch of cables – we are far from having pure wireless charging for everything – being able to eliminate specialize cables from the mix and just carry a couple is much better that having a bag full of digital spaghetti. AND, when you are on the go, sometimes plugs are not readily available so having a portable battery charger for your smart devices is pretty much essential. The Kanex GoPower Watch lets you leave one of those custom cables at home and bring portable charging power with you!

HighTechDad - Kanex GoPower Watch - in box

Many of the available Apple Watch charging solutions, portable or fixed, require you to “provide your own charging cable.” So essentially, they are just holders for your Watch AND the cable (the one your Watch came with). In my mind, this sort of defeats the purpose of having a secondary charging solution for your Watch. And, there are very few “certified” manufacturers of Apple Watch charging cable. These cables, Apple’s or via a 3rd party, are still not exactly cheap, starting at $25 and going up. To manufacture a solution, you need to have an inductive charging “puck” (the circular, magnetic portion that connects to your Watch to charge it). There aren’t that many really unique and good Apple Watch charging solutions out there…until Kanex developed their GoPower Watch.Read More

Kanex GoPower Watch Battery Charger Lets You Leave the Cable at Home was last modified: February 22nd, 2017 by Michael Sheehan