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Review: 2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer – Super-Sized, Several Settings & Stupendous (Model: DV50K7500GV)

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Do you like doing laundry? In the past, I didn’t. But now I do. And there are a few reasons why I don’t view it as much of a chore as before. For the past few months, I have been testing out the 2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer (Model: DV50K7500GV) which is their relatively new, top-of-the-line model. In my family, we produce a LOT of dirty laundry. We do multiple loads every week and the process pretty much takes up part of our day. But there are some features of this 2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer that make this task just a little bit easier and less of a chore. While I can’t just press a button and “flash dry” things in second (maybe some day), I can easily make a setting and then walk away and later be notified when our clothes are crisp and freshly dry.

2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer (Model: DV50K7500GV) Review - Control Panel

This 2016 Samsung Clothes Dryer is the matched pair of the 2016 Samsung Clothes Washer – model: WF50K7500AV (you can see my review of that here). And just like the other clothes washer review, I crafted a video review (also available directly on YouTube) highlighting many of the features of this stellar clothes dryer.Read More

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Review: 2016 Samsung Clothes Washer – Massive, Many Settings & Marvelous! (Model: WF50K7500AV)

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For the past several months, I have had the pleasure of washing clothes with the new 2016 Samsung Clothes Washer (Model WF50K7500AV). Wait…PLEASURE?!! How can washing clothes be a “pleasure?” It’s a chore. It’s something that has to be done weekly in my home. AND in my home, we even have a “pink” load and many, many delicate loads (I have 3 teenage girls). The funny thing is, the dark load is mainly my stuff. Anyway, I have now done a ton of loads, tried out a variety of settings and can now speak with some voice of authority on this top-of-the-line Samsung clothes washer.

2016 Samsung Clothes Washer (Model WF50K7500AV) Review - front panel

Before I dive into some of the details in writing, I wanted to share my video review of this Samsung clothes washer. Much of the information in the video is also mentioned below so do read on for additional insights, but if you just want an overview of some of the features and functions I really liked, see the video below (also directly on YouTube):

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How To Hook Up a DISH Wireless Joey & Extend Your Viewing Without Wires

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I currently have a DISH setup at home currently servicing our living room, two bedrooms and our kitchen. The living room is powered by the new DISH Hopper 3, a truly amazing set-top box, with the ability to watch/record up to 16 channels at once. Our kitchen has a Super Joey when enables two additional tuners so that we not only can record Prime Time (Anytime) automatically, but also allows us to watch/record more shows simultaneously. Our two bedrooms have two Wireless Joeys which allows us to connect to our TVs without the need to run coax cable everywhere. But the mancave needed TV, especially with the kickoff (literally) of the football season. So, I figured I would get another Wireless Joey and hook it up in the cave. But I didn’t want to have to schedule an appointment to have it installed. As it turns out, you don’t need an installer (unless you really want one to help). I was able to set it all up in a matter of minutes and it couldn’t have been easier.

HTD - How To Set Up a DISH Wireless Joey - in the package

The Wireless Joey does require a DISH Hopper Wireless Access Point. This is essentially a wireless router configured to exclusively connect with up to three Wireless Joeys. It creates a secure, private network for the (up to) 3 Wireless Joeys to connect to using the 802.11ac protocol. (Note: you cannot connect other devices to this protected wireless network.) You can have two DISH Hopper Wireless Access Points in your home which means you could potentially have up to six Wireless Joeys active. It’s important to note, each additional DISH device does come with an additional monthly charge. For the Hopper, it’s $15, for the Joey, it’s $7 and for a Super Joey, it’s $10 per month. There may be some one-time fees as well for the Hopper Wireless Access Point or other equipment. I would contact DISH if you have questions on your particular setup.

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Want those New Snazzy iOS 10 iMessage Backgrounds & Effects? Disable This Setting!

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I’m sure you have seen the videos and demos showing the great enhancements to iMessage. Soon, on compatible iOS 10 devices, you will be able to add background animations or emphasis your messages in some pretty eye-popping ways. I would predict that when iOS 10 is available to the general public on 9/13/16, that iMessage will be heavily used, more so than the past. And I’m pretty sure my three daughters will have a lot of fun with it. But before you get all excited, I found out there is one setting that you need to make sure is disabled, otherwise you iMessages will not have fireworks, confetti, balloons, a shooting star or more. The change is easy. Just read on!

HTD Tip - Disable this setting to enable snazzy background & effect on iMessage in iOS 10

As I have been testing some earlier releases of iOS 10, one thing I was pretty excited about was how iMessage would be upgraded. But since I was only testing iOS 10 myself, I didn’t really play around with the iMessage enhancement…until today. I tried to send one of the new nifty iMessages with an animated background and it didn’t work. I couldn’t enable it on the screen.

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How to Achieve “Millions” through Blogging – It’s Not What You Think! #BizOfBlogging

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Disclosure: This post was inspired and sponsored by Domain.ME, the provider of the personal domains that end in .ME. As a company, they aim to promote thought leadership to the tech world. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Yep, that title is a bit misleading. To be completely honest, this is NOT about making millions of dollars through a blog. If you do, and this article was one of your sources of inspiration, I would love a shout out! But actually, you CAN achieve millions through blogging. It just depends on your perspective. I have actually reached it – millions of sessions, users and page views. According to my Google Analytics account, since March 2009 (which wasn’t even when I started my blog), I have had 4.5 million sessions, 4.1 million users visit, and 5.4 million page views. That’s a lot of millions! Here are a few points to potentially get you down that path towards “millions.”

HTD title - How to achieve "millions" through blogging

When I first started out with my blog back in November 2005, I had no idea what direction it would go, whether it would be successful or not, or if I would just scrap it after a few months. It’s now over a decade later and my site has become part of who I am, my personal brand, and has opened a variety of doors for me along my personal and professional career. It has almost become an addiction.

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Are You a Well-Rounded IT Pro? Take a Free CEB Assessment to Find Out

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Capella University.  The opinions and text are all mine.

I have worked in the Information Technology (IT) industry for many years. From cloud computing to enterprise software to consumer electronics, I feel as though my skills are pretty broad when it comes to IT. I am also the head of IT at our home. If any gadget doesn’t work, or a printer won’t print or if the WiFi network is down, I’m the self-trained “IT professional.” But to be a successful IT professional in the business world and remain competitive, it’s a bit more complicated. You must have a well-rounded repertoire of skills that goes beyond simply knowing about the technology specific to your job. That’s why continuously learning from other experts, like Capella University is so essential to keep your skill set up to date.

Capella University Assessment - infographic 88%

Graphic source: “Rising to the Challenge of Change in IT,” Capella University, 2016.
1 – “The IT Talent Crisis Nobody is Talking About,” CEB, 2014

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Watch out Sonos & Echo – New Whyd Orb-like Speaker Listens & Plays

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I don’t usually write about gadgets unless I can actually get my hands on them and try them out in order to form an opinion. But there was enough compelling information about the Whyd speaker to warrant an exception. I do have a bit of experience when it comes to speakers. I have two Sonos Play:1’s and recently installed an Amazon Echo, as well as a few other portable and standalone speakers. From what I understand about the Whyd product, it is taking the best features of Sonos and Echo and others, and merging them into one pretty package of sound performance and design.

Here’s what I find compelling about this new speaker. Sonos is known for its great sound – crisp highs and solid lows and bass – I can attest to this even with the entry-level Play:1. Amazon’s Echo has a unique voice control which allows you to control many aspects of the service including requesting for songs or artists or streaming radio stations. So what Whyd has done is taken the best of both worlds and merged them together – voice commands coupled with superior sound. And, they have packaged it all into an elegant design. Of course, as I have not heard the Whyd in action, I cannot confirm the statements on the sound quality.

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