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The iPhone 7 Plus Is All About Nuance

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There are so many reviews about Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus out there, I’m not even going to attempt to write one. Others will and have covered every nook and cranny of it to incredible detail that I probably wouldn’t even do it justice. Instead, I’m going to write about my experience with the iPhone 7 Plus which I have had for just about two weeks now. Honestly for those people who view smartphones as merely utilitarian tools, this article is probably not for you. But if you have an ounce of appreciation for design and aesthetics, you may want to read on.

For the past couple of weeks, I struggled to come up with a word or phrase to describe the iPhone 7 Plus, but I finally came up with one: nuance. There are definitely some powerful chips and technology at work with Apple’s latest iPhone but for me, it became more about the experience. Having spent a year with the iPhone 6S Plus, honestly, the differences from initial view are not something to write headlines about. But there is actually so much more once you get into the experience.

Let’s stop for a second to talk about the word nuance. The definition in the handy Apple dictionary states:Read More

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My Evolution of Blogging, 12 “Pro Blogger” Tips & the #BeginningofME

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Disclosure: This post was inspired and sponsored by Domain.ME, the provider of the personal domains that end in .ME. As a company, they aim to promote thought leadership to the tech world. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Just over a decade years ago in November, I started on a writing journey. It was 2005. My oldest daughter was six, my middle daughter was four and my youngest was about one and a half. As if I didn’t have enough to do in my life, I decided to have another baby. This wasn’t a baby in the traditional sense, it was my blog which has, over the years, grown up with my kids. When I first started, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, much the same way you can’t predict how your kids will turn out. And, just like having children, you can never prepare for everything. When you have kids, you will never have enough time, money, patience, sleep…you name it! In much the same way, a blog requires lots of nurturing, new clothes, training and more. But, with lots of care, love, and attention, you can be successful at being a parent of kids and a blog.

HighTechDad - Pro Blogger Tips - #BeginningofME

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Parents & Kids – Set Up Emergency Bypass on your iOS10 Device Now!

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You need to get ahold of your child. You try calling and texting but there is no response. Panic sets in and you aren’t sure what to do. Are they ignoring you? Is their phone off? Are they in danger? Or is their iPhone simply in “Do Not Disturb” mode? If it is the latter, there is a great possibility that they are simply not hearing or feeling your calls or texts. While I highly recommend setting Do Not Disturb on for “sleep time,” it is easy to turn on whenever it’s needed. Luckily, with the latest version of Apple’s iOS (iOS 10.x), parents and children can set up “Emergency Bypass” on specific contacts like mom and dad, relatives, neighbors or friends. Heck, you may even want to put your boss into that list.

There have been quite a few articles recently about this new “hidden” feature – Emergency Bypass – but I felt that it warranted a little extra attention, particularly when it comes to families. For quite a while, you could set up a “Favorites” list within your contacts to allow you to quickly and easily get in touch with frequently-contacted people, and, there was and still is a setting for Do Not Disturb specifically. I recommend you take a look at that setting and see if you want your Favorites to be able to contact you even if you are in Do Not Disturb mode. Just go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and choose “Favorites.”

iOS 10 - Emergency Bypass - Do Not Disturb Setting

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View Post Makes a Social & Digital Safety Contract for Families and Gets the Discussion Going

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A few months ago, my youngest daughter who is 12 started begging my wife and I to get on SnapChat (now Snap) because all of her friends were on it. Big sigh. We had already been through this two times before with her older sisters but it seemed like every year the age when this was requested was younger and younger. The “you have to be 13 to join” excuse didn’t work. All of her friends were under 13. We had preached our usual “social media can be dangerous when you are young” but it fell on deaf ears and a mound of rebuttals. After several weeks, she was truly wearing us down (shhh, don’t tell her). So my wife decided that if our daughter were to get Snap, she would have to write a contract which would need to have a list of CONSEQUENCES if we caught her “violating the rules.” And she would have to sign it. Queue the link/click bait…you won’t believe what happened next! (Haha)

Well, she wrote out the contract and all of her own, decided-upon consequences. She signed it. But then after just an hour after the ink dried, she rescinded her own contract, claiming it was too harsh and she would rather wait. Chalk up a minor victory to my wife here!

There are several reasons why I tell this story. For one, I try to write about kids, parenting and social media a lot. I have a living classroom (or laboratory) for all of this stuff. I’m no expert on any of this (my wife is far more attuned to all aspects of parenting and social media than I am). But I do try to boil down things that work (at least for us) and share it. My primary advice is always – have a conversation WITH your kids, don’t just dictate AT them. And while I have written some negative and positive content about social media and kids, this is the Wild West folks. The rules are still being invented! I’ve even written some Social Media Policies for Families.

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A Journey from Terra Firma to the Clouds and Beyond

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Back in late-2007 I started a journey. I was brought into a company which rented out bare metal servers. Racking and stacking was their bread and butter, charging for space in a data center, leasing hardware and managing physical infrastructure. Hired as a Technology Evangelist, I wasn’t employed to spread the gospel of the tangible world, but rather to educate about something new, something called “cloud computing” – perhaps you have heard of it? And just a year earlier, a company that sold books and other products launched a series of services which would revolutionize computing, storage and infrastructure. Yes, that would be Amazon.

Clouds of all types


Cloud, back then, was new. It was a peek into what now is a staple, dare I say, a commodity. Infrastructure on demand that was scalable and billed by usage was something unheard of. Sure, virtualization technologies existed but frequently those instances were contained within private data centers or on people’s personal computers. Companies large and small began to pay attention. There was a lot of hype, fear, uncertainty, distrust – the things fairly typical to anything “new.” Concerns over stability and security, which are still concerns even today, frequently overshadowed the potential of this new IT change agent. IT executives struggled to not only understand this movement but also how to control it. Armed with just a credit card, developers had the ability to spin up infrastructure ad hoc. As I said, it was revolutionary.

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The Results are In! Free CEB Skills Assessment for IT Professionals

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Capella University.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a sponsored article about Capella University and a free CEB Skills Assessment being offered to test one’s soft skill proficiency. It is geared toward helping IT professionals better understand themselves, their soft skills and identifying areas where they may benefit from additional training. It is not designed to make IT professionals more technology proficient but rather to help them identify skills to make them more well-rounded individuals. Understanding what makes a person “tick” and working on further developing strengths and identifying areas of improvement makes IT professionals more marketable and has the potential to boost career paths. As part two of this sponsored series, I take a look at the actual CEB Skills Assessment itself.

The CEB assessment currently being offered for free for a limited time, focuses on three areas: Working Collaboratively, Adapting to Change, and the third assessing how one Balances Analysis with Judgment.

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My Views on Blogging, Influencers & Brands – Interview with Imperial Leisure

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From time to time I’m asked to voice my “expert”opinion on a variety of topics ranging from parenting to technology to digital marketing to writing. I put “expert” in quotations because I must acknowledge the fact that I am by far NOT an expert in any of those topics. I have, however, had lots of experience with each and formed my own opinions along the way. And, given the fact I have been writing about them for many, many years, I guess a few people have read my thoughts and ideas and taken notice. Recently I was contacted by Imperial Leisure, a creative communications, viral marketing, digital advertising and social media agency located in London wondering if I could share my insights into a few topics, specifically brands, blogging, influencers, technology and more.

Imperial Leisure interviews Michael Sheehan on blogging, influencers, brands and more - blog

Of course, I was honored, flattered and happy to share my thoughts! The interview was originally published on the Imperial Leisure blog, but I have also included the questions and answers here for convenience. If you have questions or comments on any of my answers, feel free to leave them on this article but I encourage you to do so on their original interview as well.Read More