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I’ve been playing around with MediaWiki…it is quite a bit of work! However, for someone new to it, it is a but overwhelming. Trying to find documentation on how to modify skins and such proved a bit daunting…

Trying to get my teeth into it.

WP (WordPress) seems to be a pretty nice piece of work. I find that any Open Source web-ap that is extendible through plug-ins or extensions is great. Things like Mambo, phpcollab, WP are my personal favorites right now. (Although, phpCollab is a bit stale and a bit harder to extend…)

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Printing Fixed

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OK, this is pretty crazy…my issue at work printing HTML emails has been resolved. What I don’t get is how something that has been documented for many years can continue to crop up. There have been so many different approaches to fixing it but it seems like only one actually works.
So, bottom line, if you ever encounter any issues with printing HTML emails within Outlook (but plain text are fine), follow the direction of the file linked here [Outlook 2003 HTML Printing Registry Fix] .


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First post…what’s the big deal.
There are days when I feel technology really sux. I did get this site up…
…but I have incredible outlook HTML printing issues at work…

This will make you grin!

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