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So, the digital dogs ate the last podcast that we did. Really! Those cyber-gremlins got the better of us. This time, however, we leashed those dogs and we captures all 5 of us in our crazy glory in Episode 48 of the Cast of Dads, Movies, Meatloaf & Memes! But yes, we have really had a hard time getting together, just for a phone call. In this episode though, we started up right where we left off, it seems, and it was really hard to stop at 30 minutes.


We definitely had a lot to say in this show with topics seeming to swirl around movies, entertainment and sports – good guy stuff there! But we aren’t just scraping the surface – but you will just have to listen in to see how deep we actually go!

And remember, If you would like to sponsor an individual episode or a series of episodes, please do let us know. We are just waiting for that large brand to bring us all together in the same place – can you believe that after 2 years, we have never done that?

The Topics

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So, every year, my wife has a mission. She tries to see each and every film that is nominated for the top categories in the Academy Awards. It’s pretty ambitious actually, but every year, she manages to see just about every film (with the exception of some of the smaller films or the documentaries). Then, prior to Oscar Night, she crafts an email with her predictions and sends it out to her friends. Last year, she also got 100% of her predictions right. Unfortunately, I didn’t document it (she only distributed it via email to her friends) so this year, I’m going to try to get ahead of the game by posting her email with her predictions on my blog.


I have gone through her email below and added what her choices are, what she thinks the Academy will do, and then a blank for who the actually winner is (which I will fill in later). The format will be:

Wife – what she hopes will win
Academy – what my wife thinks the Academy will do
Actual Winner – who won the Award

Leave a comment on who you think will win!

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