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Post image for iOS 5 Tip: How to Enable the “Smiley” Emoticon or Emoji Keyboard in iOS 5

Here is another great (and fun) feature that is buried deep within iOS 5 for the iPhone and iPad. And, when I showed this to my daughters, they were SO excited about it!


We all love emoticons or “smileys” as many people call them. Well, now you can actually activate an “international” keyboard that contains literally a hundred different graphical icons.


Many people know of these picture characters as “Emoji” coming from a Japanese term for picture graphics or emoticons used in electronic messages or webpages. For some time, you have been able to install iOS apps that give you emojis for use in your messages and texts, but now, Apple has built in the Emoji character set as an international keyboard which is accessible from any editing screen.

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