Bring a Cool or Warm Mist to those Rooms in Need with The Sharper Image Ultrasonic Humidifier

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If you have kids or suffer from dry noses at night, you probably need or have a humidifier. These devices are pretty much required in my family because the little noses in our household seem to get dried up. In fact, my youngest daughter had to have her nostrils cauterized because she suffered from nose bleeds at night because of the dry air. This was especially prevalent during the hot summer nights but even now, during the winter, we tend to fire up the humidifier to ensure that the air remains moist.


The Sharper Image has a humidifier called the “Cool & Warm Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier” that is not only multi-functional (it does warm and cool mist just with the flip of a button), but it also has an extra large capacity to make me, the water reservoir filler, happy. With a 1.7 gallon, dual reservoir capacity, that means that I’m only filling up this humidifier every other day or so, as opposed to nightly the way I have to with traditional models.


Another feature that I liked was the fact that I could dial the control of the amount of mist I wanted the humidifier to output. This means that I could handle large or small rooms quite handily.


Key to what I believe is a good humidifier is the fact that it should be quiet. There is nothing worse that a loud machine hissing away in your room. While in our family, many of us sleep with sound machines on, some of us do not and require a quiet environment. The “ultrasonic” nature of this Sharper Image humidifier means that it is whisper-quiet, even at full output.


This Sharper Image humidifier is supposed to run up to 72 hours with both the reservoirs full. While I haven’t tested it out, the mere fact that it has two reservoirs does indicate that it will pump out warm or cold mist for a long period of time. The reservoirs are easily filled in the kitchen sink or anywhere where there is enough room to fill them. Below you can see the two reservoirs removed.


The filling process is easy, just unscrew the cap and put in cool water. Do note, that while there are no water filters as part of this humidifier (which is nice not to have to continually pay for filter replacements), if you do have hard water, there are some capsules that you can put into the reservoirs to prevent the white powdery build-up.


Lastly, if you are putting this in a child’s room, there is a nice night-light to prevent little feet from stumbling over the humidifier in the dark.


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All households should have a humidifier on hand. While the Sharper Image one is a bit bigger than most, the extra capacity for water makes it ideal. And the fact that it is essentially a 2-in-1 type of humidifier being able to output both cool and warm mist makes it very useful. You can pick it up a Bed, Bath & Beyond for $99.99 or on Amazon for about $109 which is a bit pricy if you compare with some of the others in a store. However, the fact that it has extra capacity, is very quiet and is a warm and cold mist humidifier warrants the slightly higher price. It’s incredibly easy to use and fill up (I think a kid could probably fill it but I would recommend that a parent do it). It’s extremely quiet and I believe that the black color makes it “hide” in plain sight quite well.


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HTD says: This Sharper Image Warm and Cold Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is one of those family essentials you need to have available for use at any time.