Instagram Users – How to Clear the Instagram Cache & Save Space on your Smartphone

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If you are a heavy Instagram user, you might not know this but the more you use Instagram, the photo-sharing service and mobile application, the more space the app will consume on your iOS or Android device over time. Originally, when you install Instagram, it only uses about 24 MB (on iOS), but it can grow to use up literally gigabytes of space. This article shows you how to clear the Instagram cache so that you can easily and quickly save space on your mobile device.

Instagram become bloated over time

Instagram become bloated over time

While Instagram is a great service, for some reason the developers crafted their app to have a cache of photos. So the more you share and use the app, the bigger that cache become. For example, I checked my daughter’s iPhone yesterday and she only had a few MBs left of storage. When I checked to see how much space she had consumed (by application), I found that her Instagram instance was at 1.4 GB!

How to tell how much space Instagram is using

It’s really easy to check to see how much space your Instagram is using on your device.

For Android do the following (and it may vary by device):

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Applications > Manage Applications > Instagram
  3. The total storage consumed by Instagram will be listed

For iOS (iPhone & iPad), it’s just as easy:

  1. Launch Settings app
  2. Go to General > Usage (and let it prepopulate the sizes)
  3. The storage space used by Instagram will be shown

Instagram has a help page about this as well.

How to clear the Instagram cache & free up space

Ok, this is the really “hard” part…you simply need to DELETE Instagram and then re-install it. Really. That’s it.

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You won’t lose any of your photos or settings. Just be sure to remember your login information.

I checked my other kids’ iPhones do see how much space Instagram was consuming. Here’s the before shot on another daughter’s iPhone (134 MB consumed):

Instagram before deleting

Instagram before deleting

And here is after deleting and reinstalling Instagram (back down to 24 MB):

Instagram after deleting & reinstalling

Instagram after deleting & reinstalling

While not quite as dramatic as my oldest daughter’s iPhone (from 1.4 GB to 24 MB), it’s still pretty darn good.

That is a pretty easy way to quickly clear the Instagram cache and free up space on your mobile device!

HTD says: Slim down your Instagram storage by just deleting and reinstalling it!