4 Gifts for Guys: Fitted Hat, Cooling Shirt, Streaming Stick, & a Mystery Tackle Box

HTD Babbleboxx Gifts for Guys - collage
Shopping for the holidays? This gift guide has 4 unique gift ideas - Black Clover fitted hat, Roku Streaming Stick+, Arctic Cool shirt, & Mystery Tackle Box.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to holiday shopping, I’m sort of a strategic shopper. I actually hate going out and browsing through department stores. My wife and girls, on the other hand, will spend hours going store to store. I think about the gifts I want to give in my mind, and then just go straight out to buy them. But, there are times where it helps to get some ideas and I’ll read about different products online ahead of time. So, to make your research and idea shopping experience a bit easier (and faster?), I was super excited to get my care package from Babbleboxx. This one is geared (literally) for guys – or not, honestly, I think any of the gift ideas I am writing about here would be great for anyone, guys OR gals.

HTD Babbleboxx Gifts for Guys - box contents

Note: This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx.com.

There are 4 gift ideas here, each tapping a different area of interest. For starters, there is a fitted hat from Black Clover. There’s a shirt that cools you by Arctic Cool. For those gadget or streaming media lovers, how about a Roku Streaming Stick+. And who doesn’t like fishing? For those who do, there is the Mystery Tackle Box. So let’s take a look at each of these gift ideas.

Stylish & Comfy Shade for your Face

What guy doesn’t love hats? (Or better said, who washes their hair every day?) I know I have a “collection” of hats. They aren’t stored in any special way. And I just tend to get them and use them until they are completely trashed from doing yard work. And then I sort of shove them away and get another one. The new ones I consider to be “dressier” and the old ones are “for yard work.” Well, I now have a new favorite hat, one that I will probably try to keep looking new. It’s the Black Clover Premium Fitted Hat and boy is it comfortable and looks great!

HTD Babbleboxx Gifts for Guys - Black Clover Premium Fitted Hat

The first thing that struck me was the big black clover on the front. I think I’m probably going to name this hat the Lucky Hat. Scrawled on the side are the words Live Lucky. I think being part Irish, this really connected with me. But looks aren’t everything, right? When it comes to hats, you can get a plastic band to adjust the size or perhaps a fitted hat, sized to your head. Black Clover does it differently…better I feel.

The Black Clover is a premium fitted hat, without it actually being sized. The one I received is listed as a small/medium size. Yet, it feels like a fitted hat. Here’s how it works. It’s got some fancy memory-fit technology that doesn’t press your head too tightly, yet it seems to be tight enough to not come off easily. The other thing that I noticed was how it actually felt cushioned on my head. This is because it is padded on the front which prevents those annoying forehead marks and will actually absorb sweat. Nice, right? Well, it feels great! (And I have worn a lot of hats in my days.)

The particular style I got retails for $29. And if you use CLOVER10, you will get 10% off your purchase!

A Cool Shirt that Actually Keeps You Cool

I’m not that active of a guy (apart from that yard work I mentioned above). But when I am working in the yard during the summer, it tends to get pretty hot. And I sweat a lot as a result. (Sorry, too much information, right?) Anyway, also included in the Babbleboxx box was an Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Men’s shirt. If a shirt could be “high-tech,” the Arctic Cool shirt would qualify. They even say that it is powered by Hydrofreeze technology. But it actually is science that is making you cooler by absorbing and recycling the moisture.

HTD Babbleboxx Gifts for Guys - Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Men's Shirt

And, by the way, this wasn’t my first time with an Arctic Cool product. I received one over the summer and used it up at Lake Tahoe during the summer when I was hiking. As I hiked with the family in the 90-degree weather, yes, I sweated. But I was honestly quite amazed by how the Arctic Cool shirt actually DID make me feel cooler. Not only that, the moisture is wicked away from your skin and that drying and evaporation process is what actually cools the skin.

Oh, an Arctic Cool doesn’t just make shirts for men, there are plenty of women’s styles as well! So if you are shopping for him, pick one up for her as well. And one more thing that I really like about the Arctic Cool shirts, they can be just thrown into a regular machine wash (no bleach) and tumble dry low. No special instructions needed!

Get Your Streaming On with a Roku Streaming Stick+

If I didn’t have a gadget on this list, I wouldn’t be doing my job. So, I’m happy to say that in the box was also a Roku Streaming Stick+. You know about Roku, right? It’s one of the best devices for streaming a multitude of multimedia (movies, video, music, etc.) on the market. I actually have a couple of Roku streaming players in my house. But the Streaming Stick+ brings a whole new dimension to streaming players.

HTD Babbleboxx Gifts for Guys - Roku Streaming Stick+

For starters, it’s small. It’s about the size of a pack of gum, making it ideal for connecting to wall-mounted flat-screen TVs. Because of its small size, it’s also extremely portable, making it ideal for hotel or dorm rooms, or simply moving it around. But the Streaming Stick+’s positives don’t stop there. It can stream 4K, HDR, and HD video. So if you have a 4K TV, you can now enjoy a wide range of crisp and clear video.

It does come with a remote control that can be used to fully control the Streaming Stick+, but if you truly want to be portable, you can download the Roku app and simply control the Stick+ with the app on your smartphone. No need to carry the remote with you. Another key feature is the fact that it is wireless, in fact, it has 802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless built in. It does require power which is accomplished using the USB power cable (which also has the advanced wireless receiver built-in). You can plug the USB power cable into an open USB port on your TV or to the included wall plug. Roku has made it small and easy to stream to your heart’s content.

Fishing for the Perfect Gift

I’m going to stereotype a bit here…guys like to fish. Perhaps it’s a primal thing or just a good excuse to go and hang out with your buddies. I know that I do. I used to do a lot of fly fishing, unfortunately recently work and family have pretty much sucked up my time. But all excuses aside, I now have a new excuse to head to the shores to cast a rod. Mystery Tackle Box actually just got me thinking about (and missing) my fishing experiences. Let me explain.

HTD Babbleboxx Gifts for Guys - Mystery Tackle Box

Mystery Tackle Box is a pretty cool service. You can purchase a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription service where the recipient gets a box of bait and lures and other types of fishing tackle every month. What they will get is a surprise. The recipient basically gets a certificate to the service, creates an account on Mystery Tackle Box, and then selects the types and species of fish they prefer fishing for. There is a wide range of selections including bass, inshore saltwater, ice fishing, walleye, panfish, catfish, and trout.

In my Mystery Tackle Box, I received:

  • Lead Nail Weights
  • Lucky Craft LC RTO bass crank bait
  • Flash Bang bladed tungsten swimbait hook
  • Kitana Neko hooks
  • Big Bite Baits softbait white worms
  • Catchco Pro Series softbait worms

A quick note, I didn’t have the luxury of specifying my fish preference. I would have chosen trout, by the way (in case anyone is listening…hint hint).

What I like about Mystery Tackle Box is exactly that first word, mystery. Getting a gift is always a surprise. But getting a recurring, themed gift of something you are passionate about (like trout fishing in my case) and being surprised about the lures and bait in the box makes it even better. A 3-month gift subscription starts at $43.50 and if you use discount code GIVEMTB, you get 5% off all gift subscriptions (until 12/31/17).

And That’s a (Gift) Wrap

Hopefully, these four gift ideas for guys (or anyone actually) help give you some inspiration for this holiday season. The important thing is the spirit of giving, sharing, and spending time with your friends and family. But if during this process, you can make the recipient smile, you have achieved that end goal.

HTD Babbleboxx Gifts for Guys - collage of products

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HTD says: Once again, Babbleboxx delivers some fantastic gift ideas for the holiday season – gear for people who fish, a great fitting and looking cap, a super portable streaming media device, and an activewear shirt that keeps you cool!

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