Saturday, July 11, 2020

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How To Install a Replacement Battery into an Apple iPhone 3GS

My iPhone 3GS has been showing signs of a dying battery for a month or so now. The symptoms included the battery depleting faster than normal, charging very quickly (because there wasn't much to "charge"), and the iPhone simply...

Laptop Got Stolen? Send PREY Out to Find It, for Free!

I'm sure that many of you have heard of the Find My iPhone service for MobileMe that helps you locate missing iPhones or iPads. Or the equivalent on Windows Mobile phones called My Phone. And I'm sure you know...

13+ Ways to Extend your iPad’s Battery Life

I have now been the lucky owner of an iPad for a little over an week now, and each day I'm becoming yet more attached to it. But this article is not about my "love affair." It's more about...

Video & How-To Install a Hard Drive on a MacBook Pro (non-unibody): Clone & Boot Camp too!

For all of those people who are interested in breathing a little bit of life into an older MacBook Pro, this post is for you. My non-unibody 15" beaten and worn MacBook Pro had about 3 GB of free...

Locked Out of your Twitter Account? This Trick Might Get You Back In Fast!

Have you ever inadvertently locked yourself out of Twitter because of too many simultaneous logins? Perhaps one of your Twitter clients like TweetDeck or Seesmic is having some issues and repeatedly trying to log you in and out of...

How To Upgrade an iMac G5’s Hard Drive – to the Rescue!

A few weeks ago, my daughter's (hand-me-down) 20" iMac G5 started acting up. It was showing the infamous "spinning beachball", was locking up, the fan was running a lot and loud and the machine was having kernel panics. I...

How to Fix Login & Authentication Issues on TweetDeck after Changing your Password on Twitter

Yesterday, I received a very vague email from Twitter saying that they had reset my password because of some sort of a phishing scam or attack that had taken place off of Twitter. Below is the text of the...

20+ Ways to Harden and Secure Your WordPress Blog

Recently, some high-profile blogs that are running WordPress have been hacked or hijacked by malicious users (e.g., TechCrunch). The worst thing is having to try to recover from such an event, you not only have to repair your...

How to Remove an Old Microwave & Install a New Panasonic Microwave (Model: NN-SD277WR)

Most people don't think of a microwave as a gadget, but I guess if it plugs in, has buttons and a display, it excites me a bit. But before I go in a major analysis of popcorn pop timing...

Fix Search Issues and Speed Up Apple Mail with This Simple Script

Today I was trying to find an email in my Apple Mail and went to my usual trustworthy internal mail search function only to find that the "Entire Message" field was grayed out for all of my accounts. Granted,...

WARNING: WP-Polls WordPress Poll Plugin Can Be Exploited

Last week, I ran a giveaway which, because of a variety of reasons, I had to cancel and declare "null & void". While I won't go into the details, I did want to bring some actions to the forefront,...

How To Make iPhoto or Picasa Recognize your Camera Again

Recently, I tried to download some photos from a small, older and somewhat, war-scarred point & shoot digital cameral (HP Photosmart M632) which I carry around in my backpack wherever I go. I had taken some photos and video...
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Video Conferencing? Check Broadband Upload Speed – Stay at Home Tech Tip

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