Apple Care came through with flying colors!

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OK, it looks like the saga is over. Today, I finally received my laptop today (see all of the previous posts). Actually, I was pretty impressed with this round. I shipped the laptop this past Monday, it was received and fixed on the same day (Tuesday) and shipped back on Wednesday. I missed the delivery on Thursday, but today, I got it. And let me tell you, Apple Care really came through!

The “unboxing” was the biggest scare…just from remembering last time. However, this time, I was really pleasantly suprised. The first thing that I noticed was that my laptop was actually closed…something that it couldn’t due before (due to a hinge being bent). Then I read through the “Parts Description” section and found out what had been fixed or replaced: the battery (new), Display (what I had originally sent the thing in for – replaced), Bezel (new), top and bottom case. Looks like the top case is a refurb one (scratches on it) and the bottom case a new one. The really did a great job and the computer looks almost like new.

So, after all of my bitching and emailing and complaining, I had a successful end result. Kudos to Apple. The next one that I get, I will be sure that I get Apple Care with it. Two thumps up!

“All your base are belong to us” –’s version…

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My grumble factor about one of my hosting providers is getting higher. I have had a series of exchanges with them about the possibility of upgrading their mySQL servers to one that is more current (and one that supports activeCollab and SugarCRM). The saga continues…

First, they sent me a link to what versions they currently have installed (which I already knew from a previous support exchange but it was nice to have listed). Then they sent me this cryptic reply to a question that I sent to them regarding if it would be possible to upgrade in the future.

Dear Michael,

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activeCollab releases 0.7RC1…but refuses to comply!

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One of the more promising OpenSource apps that I have been following is that of activeCollab (aC for short) has posted the first Release Candidate for their next version. I mentioned this program earlier as a direct competitor to BaseCamp. The new features look great (from reading them). Unfortunately, my hosting provider ( has a version of mySQL that will not support the 0.7RC1 version.

I have sent a support email to since this is the second application that I cannot use with them (the first being SugarCRM).

More to come on this thread hopefully…

Netvibes update – Cinnamon release

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Looks like Netvibes has updated their code with a new release “Cinnamon.” This is the development track towards their 2.0 release. Some of the new feature/updates include:

  • New Setting panel
  • New Design and color themes
  • New Netvibes digital life assistant
  • Content localization
  • Sidebar reorganization
  • Better performance
  • Browser compatability

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Cobras are 4-0!

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Another good game for my daughter’s soccer team, the Cobras! This was one of the closer games with the talent of both sides being fairly balanced. However, the Cobras were able to pull out another victory!

I actually tried to document the game. Here is one of the warm-up highlights!

Soccer warmup