Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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4-Way iPad Keyboard Case Review: Sena Keyboard Folio, Kensington KeyFolio, ZAGGmate & tyPad

For many people, the iPad is fine the way it just a tablet. However, for me, I needed something that was more than just a tablet but less than a laptop or even a netbook. That sweet spot...

Congrats Sony, You Have a Winner with the NEX-5 Digital Camera

At CES 2011, I was introduced to a fantastic digital camera made by Sony. It's the NEX-5 and while it is not exactly a Digital SLR camera (I did mistakenly call it that in my video below), it is...

How To Automatically Set Up your Mac’s Work Environment Based on WiFi Location Detection – AirPort Location

There is a lot of great free software out there that provides tremendous value. Smart programmers always want to showcase their talents and I love the fact that there is a never ending stream of interesting applications coming from...

Install Video Monitoring for Home or Business in an Hour? You Can Do It Yourself with the Logitech Alert System

We are all paranoid, right? Well, most of us are. We worry about what is going on in the places where we are not. That could be your office when it's the weekend or your home when you are...

Backup Strategy: The ioSafe SoloPRO External Hard Drive is Waterproof, Fireproof & (Almost) Bulletproof!

When was the last time that you backed up your data? Today? Yesterday? Last week? A month ago? EVER?! And where did you save your backup? To another drive? To CDs? To an external drive? To the cloud via...

CES 2011 Bound & A Quick iPad Keyboard Case Review – Sena Keyboard Folio

Finally in the air and at 10,000 feet, thus all of the gadgets are coming out and on. Yes, the plane is packed with all types heading to CES 2011 to hear what revolutionary new device will be teasing...

Casio Pathfinder Wristwatch Helps You Traverse the Great Outdoors or Urban Jungle

I love Casio. Over the past 15 years, I have had G-Shocks, Waveceptors, Atomic G-Shocks and now a Solar Pathfinder. I guess I'm pretty familiar with the techy-er Casio watches. My previous watch, a Casio Atomic G-Shock pretty much...

HighTechDad’s 2010 Gadget Roundup & Gift Guide

Better late than never I guess! Over the past year, I have tested out and reviewed a variety of gadgets and consumer electronic devices. Most of these were hand-picked for review purposes in that they are devices that, to...

Not Just Next Gen Gaming, but Future Computer Interaction? Xbox 360 with the Kinect

My family and I have had the Xbox 360 and Xbox Kinect for about a month now, and I must say that I'm personally impressed by the level of technology that has gone into the Xbox Kinect. I'm not...

The Jabra Stone2 is a Techy Bluetooth Headset that’s a Comfortable, Solid Performer!

Jabra introduced a pretty innovative Bluetooth headset a while ago call the Jabra Stone. It had an attractive design in that it was actually like a small river rock, smooth and comfortably fitting in your hand. The "stone" part...
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The Ecovacs Deebot T5 Robot Vacuum Made my Kids Really Lazy! Learn Why – Review

Review of the Ecovacs Deepot T5 robot vacuum which vacuums and mops as it uses lasers to scan your home's floorplan - an efficient daily cleaning solution.
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This Device Should Be Font & Center in Every Smart Home – Nest Hub Max Review

Review of the Nest Hub Max - a 10" smart home hub for the Google Home ecosystem with glorious sound, steller HD video, and vast tech integrations.

HighTechDad’s Father’s Day 2020 Gift Guide

This is HighTechDad's 2020 Father's Day Gift Guide of family tech and smart home products that have been reviewed on Happy Father's Day!

Can’t Find TP? Use a Smart Bidet & Wash Your Butt Instead! – Stay At Home Tech Tip Video

Avoid having to hoard toilet paper by installing a smart bidet in your home. This DIY project is easy & you save the environment by conserving toilet paper.

4 Ways to Make a “Distanced” Mother’s Day Better with a Nixplay Digital Frame

Social Distancing may make Mother's Day a bit more difficult. With a Nixplay digital frame you can share memories remotely!